Active SOLIDARNA Funds


There are three funds currently active within Foundation SOLIDARNA:

        1.        URGENT&IMPORTANT – fund for ad hoc civic initiatives created as a response to current violation of human rights and principles of democratic governance, and which cannot be funded by other donors in due time.

        2.     INCUBATOR – fund that supports formation of new local and experimental initiatives created in order to protect human rights, especially those that occur in the affected local communities.

        3.     CULTURE IN THE COMMUNITY – fund intended for smaller cultural production companies with a wide range in the community in order to raise awareness about human rights and solidarity

In addition, SOLIDARNA has launched ACTIVIST EQUIPMENT FOR OFFER in Zagreb in cooperation with the House of Human Rights where initiatives can borrow equipment needed for immediate action.

Furthermore, the transfer of an SOLIDARNA’s online platform for self-organized donor action initiatives and organizations for the protection of human rights is another form of support that we offer through inquiry through

Our competition for funding “Secondary loudly!” is open for applications until 27 January 2017.

Foundation SOLIDARNA, on Human Rights Day, December 10, proudly announces our first contest “Secondary Loudly”, for distribution of small grants to civil initiatives and organizations around Croatia, which in their communities advocate for the right to live without violence, for gender equality, for the right to their own gender identity, the right to education without prejudice, for public action and for the freedom of gender expression of all human being.

The total fund for our first contest is 60 000,00 kn, that’s the amount that we were able to reach through donations made by citizens and businesses during our campaign “Secondary loudly!” which lasted for one month. However, the issues of women’s rights and gender equality are constantly being under attack by various powerful groups in Croatian society, and that’s why SOLIDARNA will continue to raise funds for the continuous support to all those who wish to engage in the construction of gender equal and solidary Croatia, in accordance with our constitutional values.

Who can apply?

Individuals, informal civic initiatives or registered non-profit legal entities (associations, foundations, institutions and social cooperatives). The advantage in getting funds through this contest will go to solidarity initiatives coming from local environments lacking new initiatives and social support in fight for women’s right that need strengthening of administration with presenting to community.

What is the maximum amount of individual grants?

The maximum amount of individual aid depends on the program area in which you want to apply:

1.       URGENT&IMPORTANT: If the needed resources are aimed towards ad hoc activities that correspond to an urgent need in your community, the maximum amount with which we can support you is 4 000,00 kn. The decision in this program will be reached within three workdays after receiving application, starting from December 10th, until January 27th 2017.

2.       INCUBATOR: When applying for financial support within this program, for new local and experimental initiatives for protecting women’s rights and the promotion of gender equality, the maximum amount is 10 000,00 kn.

You will be informed on the decisions regarding your proposal by February 10, 2017.
All applications will undergo an evaluation process of the Foundation Council that exists within SOLIDARNA. We ask all applicants to be available via email and phone in case of needed additional information and clarification during the evaluation process in the period from December 10th, to February 5th 2017.

When developing your budget we urge you to be solidary in order to make this fund available to as many initiatives as possible. We implore you to analyze which costs you need our financial support for, compared to other sources of funding, voluntary contributions and donations of equipment.

What kind of additional support can be obtained from SOLIDARNA?

Our grant recipients are entitled to other kinds of support, besides financial:

·         - technical support in the form of consultations and networking related to the planning and placement of public events

          - the use of SOLIDARNA’s donor platform for independently raising funds towards their goals

         - advertising activities through communication channels of SOLIDARNA borrowing activist equipment from our “Activist         equipment for offer".

How to apply?

Please fill out on online application form for our “Secondary loudly!” contest, which can be reached here:

In the application form, you can choose the type of program you are applying for (URGENT&IMPORTANT or INCUBATOR) and choose your needed additional support from SOLIDARNA, besides financial aid.


Thanks to the fact that the vast majority of the funds for this competition was raised through direct donations made by citizens, in order to apply for this grant you DO NOT NEED TO SEAL NOR PROVIDE ANY of the following documents:

·         - OIB

·         - MB

·         - RNO

·         - IBAN

·         - Authorization on registration of the organization

·         - Extract from the registry of non-profit organization (not older than 6 months)

·         - A certified copy of the current Statue of the organization

·         - The financial report for the previous fiscal year

·         - The financial plan for the next fiscal year, including income and expenditure plan, borrowing and repayment and cash flow