Activist Exchange Toolshed


The "Activist Exchange Toolshed" or “Posudionica” was created with the intent to create a common inventory of equipment needed for direct action. That equipment could be used in the wide range of civic initiatives and associations which share values such as pluralism, human rights, non-violence and responsible management of public resources.

It was agreed that the Human Rights House becomes the coordinator of the collected equipment in Zagreb. Also, they were given the task to prepare a catalog of equipment that exists in other organizations and is available for loan and catalog of the equipment available in Posudionica.

The first donor event in favor of Posudionica was organized on the May 20th in Zelena akcija, and the further events were agreed with the with the Info Zone in Split and with the association PaRiter in Rijeka. They will be co-organizers of the donor event and local coordinators for Posudionica. Currently, this topic is being discussed with the Volunteer Center Osijek to initiate Posudionica in Osijek.


The activist response to the benefit in Zagreb was great - the cultural program included an activist stand-up (by Ursa Raukar, Vilim Matula, Eugen Jakovcic) and political activist quiz "Greatest Sheets" (hosted by Ivan Blazevic and Drazen Hoffman) and listening room (DJ Milan Foner). The event was attended by about 100 people and has raised a total of  6200 kuna.  The costs were deducted and the part of them was reduced by a donation of beer by Daruvar brewery. The total amount of 3500 kuna was left for the purchase of activist equipment.

At first, the smaller amount was aimed to support student activist initiative Sloboda Trecima. As of  September Posudionica with its defined conditions of borrowing was publicly presented. Similar donor events will be organized periodically. Also, after the entire foundation is presented to the public it will be possible to regularly donate through SOLIDARNA donor platforms. The purpose is connected to the permanent fund for ad hoc actions Hitno&Bitno.