Campaign "You are not alone - Come along with us!" has ended

With great happiness and pride we would like to thank all donors and partners for successfully collected 120,573.46 kn for providing over 1,200 return rides to and from chemotherapy.

During one month of the crowdfunding campaign, 120,573.46 kn has been raised, which will provide at least 1200 free return rides to the hospital and back for women who suffer from cancer during chemotherapy in the city of Zagreb. Educational-philanthropic campaign to raise funds and raise public awareness of the challenges which are facing women who suffer from cancer, "You're not alone - come along with us!" which has started on March 23 and lasted until April 20,was implemented by association 'We are not alone' with the support of foundation SOLIDARNA.

More than 1000 donors joined the fundraising, among them the pupils of Elementary school Voćin who have collected 2,420.00 kn and students of the School of Medicine, University in Zagreb have, through their ball, raised nearly 8,000.00 kn.

"1000 times thank you to all of our fellow citizens - donors who helped us to roll the first wheels of support. Every day there are about ten new women with the need for this type of transportation, which shows that this social service is more than needed. That is why we want to work further and expand our wheels of support to other cities in Croatia, children who are oncology patients, their parents and men who suffer of cancer and finally to encourage CIHI to join us and, as in other countries, provide the transportation service to the therapy that is free for all who are treated on the oncology departments." said Ivana Kalogjera, president of the We are not alone association.

The first taxi ride took place on March 14, and during the campaign, there were 108 return rides which are realized by We are not alone association in cooperation with the Radio Taxi Zagreb association. Support for heavily ill patients was provided by 16 educated volunteers of Volunteer Center Zagreb who will continue to volunteer as a driving companion and assist disabled women in home affairs.

Volunteer experiences were shared by volunteer Helena Gabriel who accompanied patient named Katica to the therapy, a patient who has bone metastases and thus it is difficult to walk for her, and she travels from Osijek to chemotherapy in Zagreb. "These are people who need help and support, not pity. The journey from Osijek to Mrs. Katica is rather difficult and company during the ride, which seems to us very small, is a big thing for them." Helena said.

"I thank Ivana for launching this initiative. As soon as patients return from a hospital after severe chemotherapy and no one can come to them, this kind of transportation and company means a lot of them. Thanks to everyone, from volunteers, associations and citizens, who have been involved in this action." said Jasminka Miličević, head nurse at KBC Zagreb oncology clinic.

Strong support to project, as the financial and  as organizational, was provided by the City of Zagreb. The head of the Office for Social protection and persons with disabilities, Romana Galić, announced that they will do everything to keep the project going next year.

We remind you that the project and the campaign are inspired by the results of the research conducted by foundation Solidarna and the association We are not alone about the problems and needs of women suffering from cancer, which showed that every fourth woman receiving chemotherapy in Zagreb hospitals doesn't have solved transport to the hospital and back. Mostly they travel by public transport because they do not have the possibility of paying taxis and at the same time they all feel bad because of the effect of chemotherapy.

The project You are not alone - come along with us! with the support of the foundation Solidarna, under the auspices of the City of Zagreb and numerous partners, among them Adris foundation, Radio Taxi Zagreb, dm-drogerie markt, Cetina water, also the great support to project was given by Volunteer Center Zagreb, SDF Women's initiative, designer Gordana Golik, Student Television, Fraktura Publishing House, VBZ, School Book, Aurora Cosmetics Profile, SAN Natural Cosmetics and Studio Do Yoga.

The association itself has launched a permanent free-of-charge chemotherapy service, and women, if they need transportation and escort, should contact the association via e-mail

Anyone who wants to continue to roll the wheels of support can still do so because the account is still open for payments:

- NUMBER of account giro HR3323900011500130855