Donor achievements


From our first philanthropic steps, we would like to stress out the campaign 'Drugotna na sav glas!' which was initiated by SOLIDARNA in October 2016 due to strengthening of conservative and clerical tendencies in the society, as well as more intensive attacks on reproductive and sexual rights of women in Croatia.

SOLIDARNA has mobilised the citizens to advocate for gender equality through FB page joined by over 2500 citizens and through a number of public appearances on various cultural, activist and sports manifestations and collaborations with numerous associations, coffee shops and stores all around Croatia.  The citizens had the opportunity to donate for supporting the women's initiatives in the community in return for t-shirts with slogans 'drugotna', 'štraca', 'neposlušna' and 'od Evinog rebra' (male edition of solidarity).

In total from citizens' donations 40.579,00 kn was collected, rounded by SOLIDARNA foundation with 19.421 kn from its general fond of the foundations' work which provided SOLIDARNA to invite tenders for "Drugotna na sav glas!" with starting fond of 60.000,00kn.

Due to acute necessity for continuous work on defending gained women's human rights, during the 2017 the foundation SOLIDARNA will continue to actively seek for dedicated donor support for ad hoc and newly established women's initiatives in the community and will, periodically, in compliance with the flux of funds, continue to invite tenders for „Drugotna na sav glas!“.  For this purpose foundation SOLIDARNA is planning to achieve collaborations with thematic foundations and funds for women's support in the country and abroad.

In meantime, every donation for „Drugotna na sav glas!“ can still make you richer with a  good sense of solidarity with women around the country, but also with an unique holiday gift of pride and defiance, which doesn't get unnoticed anywhere.