Developing relationships with donors and donor actions

 In May 2016 the Foundation started developing relationships with potential donors based on the maping of possible allies and supporters (in which the founders participated) and a series of correspondences, meetings, donor gatherings and participation on the Donor forum for Balcans in Belgrade in September and the Battlefield: Culture conference in November in Sarajevo. From May to December there were a number of smaller donor actions and two larger donor campaigns  „Producing milk“ i „The second out loud“ with a new campaign released on the International Human Rights Day called „Let's be good hosts“. In September, the Foundation signed a donation contract worth 50,000,00 kn with Atlantic Group for the realization of the programe – „Culture in the community“.

Founders of SOLIDARNA thank each and everyone of the 600 citizens and compaines - Atlantic Group, PJR Consulting, Kinematograf, Analekta, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and to organizations- Odraz, Transaid and GONG  for the donations and belief in the Foundation when it was needed the most – in the early beginnings. In the past 6 months, the Foundation collected 165,000,00 kn which we consider a solid beginning for the process of learning and work in developing philanthropy for human rights in the future.

From these firts steps into philanthropy, we would like to emphasise the campaing „The second out loud“ which was iniciated in October 2016 in the midst of strengthening of conservative and clerical tendencies and an increased number of attacks at women's sexual and reproductive rights in Croatia. The Foundation mobilised citizens to stand up for gender equality and through the Facebook page of 'Drugotna' (where over 2500 of citizens joined the cause) and also a number of public appearances at different culutural, activistic and sports events, in the cooperation with different organizations, caffes and shops around the country. Citizens had the opportunity to donate for the support of local womens initiatives and in exchange get at- shirt with different captions such as „Drugotna“, „Štraca“, „Neposlušna“ and „Od Evinog rebra“(male version). In total, the donations from the citizens were 40,579,00 kn to which SOLIDARNA added another 19,421,00 kn from its general fund and the total sum of 60,000,00 kn went for the public call for proposals for local womens initiatives that was announced on December 10th – the International Human Rights Day. In the midst of the need for the public awareness about women's rights, the Foundation will continue its work in 2017 and continue to seek donations for new women initiatives and periodically open more „Drugotna“ public calls for proposals for the donation of funds to local womens groups and their ideas and projects. In that cause, SOLIDARNA plans to develope a cooperation with themed foundations and funds for supporting women in Croatia and abroad.

Project „Philanthropy for human rights“- start up support for the Foundation SOLIDARNA

This project is a vital source of support for the establishment of the Foundation in its initial phase. The project allows, among other things, the setting up of communication infrastructure for the  Foundation and the support for the continuous engagement of Ivan Blažević and Marina Škrabalo on the further development of  SOLIDARNA as one of the expected outputs of the previously mentioned project which is aimed at the protection of human rights and the creation of a incentive environment for the civil society organizations (CSO's) and their engagement in human rights protection. This project does not allow donations into the funds of SOLIDARNA or the awarding of small financial amounts to the final beneficiaries of the Foundation.

The project is aimed at the following goals:

1) increase the capacities in CSO's for the protection of human rights and the development of a trustworthy and cooperative relationship with the citizens and the business sector,

2) increase the public understanding of the human rights issues and the posibilities for contribution for protection of human rights through corporate social responsibility,

3) development of innovative channels of communication and resurs mobilization between CSO's, citizens and the business sector.

The project aims to reslove the problem of the lack of diversification of sources for financing of activistic organizations and platforms,  which is a result of a non-incentive environment for donor support and contribution from citizens and business sector for the protection of human rights. By not diversifing the sources of financing, the full potential and the autonomy of CSO's and citizen platforms are being limited, especially in cases when the actions and reactions are ad hoc movements that answer to specific needs that can not be financed from public funding.

The project „Philantrophy for human rights“ is being lead by GONG in cooperation with the Center for peace studies, Center for dealing with the past Documenta and the romanian Foundation for Civil Society Development with the financial support from the Programe for CSO's in Croatia funded by funds from European Economic Area and the Kingdom of Norway (EEA/NG). The project was approved  in December 2015 for the implementation  from January 1st until February 28th 2017 after the public call for proposals for the creation of an incentive environment for CSO's that was issued by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. The project is worth 150,000,00 euros and the project manager is Marina Škrabalo.