Foundation Bodies

SOLIDARNA’s organisational structure reflects its position as a thematic foundation firmly embedded in the values, understanding of social problems and vision of social change shared by human rights defenders from diverse backgrounds across Croatia and its counterparts across the Balkans, Central Europe and the entire continent.

In its initial stage of development, active contribution of the founders is instrumental for building relationships with civil society initiatives, business community, media and citizens. Hence, SOLIDARNA’s Statute envisions the Assembly as a body that enables direct engagement of all interested founders in the strategic development of the foundation, through annual sessions. The Assembly appoints five members of the Board that can include up to two members who are not SOLIDARNA’s founders.

The Board is the key governance body that meets on a monthly basis and supervises the work of the Director, adopts internal procedures, sets up councils, specialized working groups and makes strategic decisions on program development and fundraising.

SOLIDARNA’s Director, initially appointed by the founders and later by the Board, takes charge of operational management of the foundation and daily interactions with key stakeholders.

SOLIDARNA’S director is Marina Škrabalo, peace activist, policy researcher and advocate and represents Croatian human rights and democracy organisations in the European Economic and Social Committee.

SOLIDARNA's Secretary is Ivan Blažević, human rights activist and producer.