Foundations for human rights: examples from international practice

We present to you the second analysis in line by foundation SOLIDARNA - about foundations for human rights with examples of good practice. We want to give you the overview of international context- practices, stakeholders and trends-in which SOLIDARNA, as first domestic private foundation for human rights, has been created. Also, we will present few innovative practices of human rights philanthropy which can serve as future guidelines.

Mobilization of private resources -citizens and business sector- is the key for flexible, public reaction to cases of violation of human rights and public awareness via public protests, investigative journalism and quick advocacy actions during which the confrontation with power structures is inevitable. Also, private money ensures crisis support to victims of human rights violation, whistle-blowers and activists which are under pressure, as well as support to new and experimental initiatives of individuals, informal groups and associations who have the right to try, but not to succeed. Without it, human rights activism loses innovativeness and creativity. It is important to mention that private sources of financing mustn't and can't replace public ones which are necessary for continuity of implementation of programs for permanent support of marginalized groups, thus they should be considered as complimentary source of support for innovations and crisis situations.

For purpose of learning and development of SOLIDARNA, but also other domestic philanthropy programs for support of human rights protection, we prepared this analytical overview which tends to show international context and ways of functioning of ten foundations for human rights. In focus are foundations which operate in Europe area,specially ones which support ad hoc actions and new initiatives financed from citizen donations,and who's founders doesn't come from the wealthiest countries in the world. According to current context of stronger attacks at established standards of protection of women human rights and gender equality in Croatia, the major number of depicted foundations has women human rights in program focus.

Download the analysis and inform yourself about good practices of foundations.

Zakladništvo za ljudska prava: primjeri iz međunarodne prakse

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