Good Hosts campaign

SOLIDARNA supports a new campaign- get involved!

Good Hosts: Lets Support Young Creative People without a Home!

Home is more than just a house or apartment - this is a place where we have security and support to be what we are and what we want to be. Therefore, as good hosts, we want young creatives homeless the opportunity to express themselves creatively, enriching themselves, but also the community in which they live.

How it began?

The idea was enthusiastically supported by combined forces of Are You Syrious?, advocacy initiative Refugees Welcome!, SOLIDARNA- Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity and Solidarity Coalition Split launched a campaign to raise funds, instruments, creative mentoring, and all that is needed young creatives without home to be able to realize their full potential and development of talents.

Get involved!

Let's be good hosts! In Croatia, there are people who are forced to leave their home or they never had one. Among them are young creative people - children deprived of parental care and refugees who came to Croatia to escape war. To be able to create and be what they are, they need tools, brushes, dance shoes, space for singing and camera.

What is the price of home?

To ensure the right support at home, we'll get the necessary equipment (painting, photography and music) and provide space for work and study. For this we need $ 8,000.

Any amount is welcome - Kries and the whole team say a big THANK YOU!

Suggested minimum donation is $ 10, and if you pay more, and spread the word about the campaign to collect the necessary 800 donations. :)

Thank you all for your support and remember - art is a language that we all understand, and when we communicate through it, we live, we exist - we have a home!