How and why to support SOLIDARNA

„Is there anything more beautiful than dreams we dream together about better and more righteous world? Is there anything more beautiful than possibility to help, fight against the injustice, give your supporting hand? Is there anything more beautiful than understanding that with our effort we are helping ones who are in a difficult situation, neglected, pushed away and castaway?

Our Foundation Solidarna is founded exactly with that idea - to encourage and to make possible for everyone to donate their money, their knowledge, their time, good will so that we can create a better society with our mutual efforts.  With our programmes we will try to answer to society needs, moderate distress and injustice, open new possibilites,  initiate projects, promote human rights but also warn the rulling politics of all the problems on violation and impiety of human rights regulations and conventions.

I invite donators, the big ones and the small ones, to join us. Together we will direct your funds where they are most needed.

I firmly believe that dreams can come true so - jointed, full of solidarity together with Solidarna for a better and more righteous world.

Urša Rukar, president of Solidarna Foundation Board

SOLIDARNA Foundation is part of the community and serves the individuals and initiatives which are actively working on protection of the human rights. At the same time, it wants to change the perception of the human rights, connect all the generations of human rights and deal with problems that are of concern for minorities and majority of the people. Foundation SOLIDARNA is a foundation based first on the social, and then on the financial capital. In additon, foundation wants to connect and enhance differents resources (money, knowledge, contacts, work) which are coming from different directions.

There is wide spectrum of ways in which you can, in compliance with your financial and time limits, support SOLIDARNA and make our society richer in solidarity:

  • Onetime donations
  • Standing order/permanent transfer order
  • Connection with potential donors
  • Coorganizing donator events
  • Promotion among friens, on social networks and in media
  • Recommenadtion of inventive initiatives for tematic campaigns and partnerships
  • Involment in work of foundation board for developimng relations with donors, programme development, promotion and cuture production
  • Become permanent supporter of the foundation

Donations to SOLIDARNA can be made to the bank account in  Erste&Steiermarkische bank IBAN HR0524020061100965555 , SWIFT: ESBC HR 22 or through donation platform

We invite donors to give support to organizational development of SOLIDARNA in general or to particular funds with HITNO&BITNO and Culture in community being the current priorities.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.