Based on needs and resource mapping of human rights activism throughout Croatia, SOLIDARNA’s priority grant-giving programs will provide flexible, highly responsive funding for grassroots advocacy and solidarity actions, cultural productions and social innovations, complementing funding priorities and project-based logic of grant-making by public donors:

  • Ad hoc fund for civic initiatives that  react to violations of human rights and democratic governance, that cannot get flexible and timely funding from other donors

  • Cultural fund  for small-scale cultural productions with broad community outreach that raise awareness on human rights and solidarity,

  • Start-up fund for new grassroots initiatives, especially in local, deprived settings. Solidarity fund with human rights activists, artists, scientists and journalists, under political and societal attack (legal protection costs, social protection, support for their continued public work through research, arts and activism),
  • Long-term support fund for successful  programs that contribute to human rights


In addition, SOLIDARNA has initiated the set-up of Activist Tool-sheds – local pools of activist equipment that is shared by various progressive civil initiatives and co-managed by local human rights CSO in each Croatian region.  Also, SOLIDARNA provides ICT support for rapid response crowdfunding actions and undertakes thematic donor drives, selected and shaped in collaboration with civil society stakeholders that combine crowdfunding, community-based fundraising and media outreach, in order to bring systemic problems closer to the citizens.


For SOLIDARNA as new grassroots foundation, the imperative is to raise necessary funds to roll out its prospective grant-giving programs. Thematic donor drives, community benefits and outreach to individual potential donors are underway in Croatia. A series of fundraising events is planned to take place across Europe to reach out to democratically oriented diaspora and migrants, especially those who left Croatia since 1990’s, including a new stratum of top Croatian professionals employed in EU institutions.  In addition, SOLIDARNA is actively exploring potential partnerships with domestic and international foundations and development programs – where SOLIDARNA as a re-granting channel and programming associate can add value in mapping and shaping grant-making opportunities to ensure community impact on human rights protection in Croatia and regionally.