Read the annual report of the SOLIDARNA Foundation and find out what we were doing and where we contributed to.


You can download the full report of SOLIDARNA Foundation for 2017 HERE or at the bottom of the page, read below the key activities of SOLIDARNA in 2017.


1. Organizational development of foundation SOLIDARNA

Priorities of organizational development of foundation SOLIDARNA in 2017

  • ·      Development of effective communication tools in relation to targeted groups of potential and actual donors keeping in mind their specificities and communication styles.

  • ·     Improvement of planning process and implementation monitoring in a way which will ensure enough time for preparation, administration and continuous communication with donors with less unexpected situations and additional ad hoc backlogs which are cause of work stress, delays and overall decrease of work quality.

  • ·      Insuring financial and material resources for foundation operating costs with purpose of continuity of its functioning (work place of secretary- full time work hours since 1st of March, employment of external associate for implementation of support programs, workplace administrator - full time since October 2017).

  • ·     Expansion and strengthening of the active core of the foundation, which is consisted of members of the administrative and executive bodies of the Foundation, volunteers, active founders, supporters/associates (throughout Croatia and abroad) and is well organized so it can provide lasting and effective work through coordination, delegation and self-initiative.

  • ·       Finding adequate and financially acceptable space for long-term work of SOLIDARNA in addition to current Gong support, from September of 2017.


2. Implementation of support programs of foundation SOLIDARNA

In accordance with needs and analysis of procurable resources for human rights activism in Croatia, priority support programs of SOLIDARNA were defined. They are focused on flexible and adequate financing of advocacy and solidarity actions within the community, cultural productions and social innovations and they are supplementing project and program financing which public donors decide themselves for. Below is the list of scheduled support programs for which funding had already started:

  • CULTURE IN THE COMMUNITY – fund intended for smaller cultural production companies with a wide range in the community in order to raise awareness about human rights and solidarity.
  • INCUBATOR – fund that supports formation of new local and experimental initiatives created in order to protect human rights, especially those that occur in the affected local communities.
  • URGENT&IMPORTANT – fund for ad hoc civic initiatives created as a response to current violation of human rights and principles of democratic governance and which cannot be funded by other donors in due time.

As part of the URGENT&IMPORTANT programme, SOLIDARNA has launched innovative program ACTIVIST EXCHANGE TOOLSHED where different progressive civic initiatives can share and borrow equipment needed for immediate actions. As well, as a part of the same program, SOLIDARNA provides ICT support for quick actions of group financing and initiates thematic donor campaigns in cooperation with other actors in civic society to bring systematic problems closer to citizens and  to encourage social solidarity in regard to protection of human rights. ACTIVIST EXCHANGE TOOLSHED was created with the intent to create a common inventory of equipment needed for direct action. That equipment could be used in the wide range of civic initiatives and associations which share values such as pluralism, human rights, non-violence and responsible management of public resources. It was agreed that the Human rights house becomes the coordinator of the collected equipment in Zagreb, in Split Info Zona and in Rijeka the coordinator is Pariter.

During 2017, through ACTIVIST EXCHANGE TOOLSHED following initiatives were supported: Zagreb PRIDE, Initiative Freedom to the third, Let's preserve our park, Protest for Croatia live, action One billion rising, March for refugee rights, action of solidarity with Women march on Washington, Movement of the islands, protest action For ratification of Istanbul convention.

3. Tender "The Secondary Out Loud!"


In October 2016, SOLIDARNA has launched the „Secondary out loud!“ campaign as a response to ever-growing misogyny discourse coming from clerical circles and increasingly intense attacks on women's reproductive and sexual rights in Croatia. Citizens have been mobilized to stand up for gender equality through various channels: the Facebook page „Secondary out loud!“ has gathered more than 2500 citizens and has been supported by series of public appearances on various cultural, activist and sport events. Cooperation with a number of associations, cafes and shops throughout Croatia has also been achieved. Support for women's initiatives was manifested through donations and in turn, donors could get T-shirts with the captions "secondary", "štraca", "disobedient", and "from Eve’s rib" (male solidarity edition).

From the donations of the citizens 40.579,00 HRK was collected altogether. SOLIDARNA added another 15.000,00 HRK donations from its general fund for the work of the Foundation in order to announce a public tender with 60.000,00 HRK fund on December 10. Financial supports went up to 4,000 HRK for ad hoc actions (URGENT & IMPORTANT) and up to 10,000 HRK  for new or innovative artistic, activist and auxiliary actions (INCUBATOR), initiatives and projects of individuals, informal groups and organizations that protect and promote gender equality and freedom of gender expression. The emphasis was on innovative initiatives and initiatives coming from small environments. A total of 61 entries were received at the tender and 16 small grants were awarded on the eve of the International Women's Day in 2017

4. Program "Culture in the Community"

The „Culture in the community“ program was conceived in the summer of 2016, and in September 2016, the Donation Agreement for program „Culture in the Community“ was signed with the Atlantic Group in the amount of 50.000,00 HRK which will support the development of the first series of cultural productions in cooperation with the Foundation. The program tends to create new opportunities for socially engaged artwork by well-known authors as well as for affirmation of those authors who open human rights issues in an interesting way, but come from marginalized environments or don't belong to the cultural elite.

The agreement on long-term cooperation with the Academy of Dramatic Arts was signed at the beginning of December 2016 and includes financial support from foundation SOLIDARNA for the review of student drama texts  DeSADU, the student film festival FRKA, connecting ADU students to human rights projects and initiatives, support in the promotion of socially engaged student drama works and support for teaching production with the theme of protection and promotion of human rights. In May 2017, a joint project application with ADU and associations in the field of independent culture for the support program for social beneficial learning within European Social Fund was prepared (results are being waited).

5. Advocacy work of SOLIDARNA

The Petition „Every sick child has the right for a chance to live“ and advocacy for better access to health care in 2018 in co-operation with the Coalition of health associations, the Association Krijesnica and Kolibrići

 In mid-June 2017, Foundation Solidarna and the Center for peace studies launched a petition „Every sick child has the right for a chance to live!“ and have established collaboration with the Krijesnica association on strong public advocacy with the immediate goal of securing public funding for immunotherapy for children with neuroblastoma for whom their doctors in Hospital Klaić estimated that they are candidates for. Also, on the revision of the hospital limit of Hospital Klaić for drugs procurement and the long-term goal of revision of the Fund fo expensive drugs with the purpose of  greater access and responsiveness of the health care system to need of immunotherapy and ending of established practice of humanitarian actions for procurement of drugs as an alibi for non-fulfillment of the constitutional right to equal access to health care for all citizens, especially vulnerable groups and children in the first place. The petition had a great response from the citizens, which was most because of strong media support, in particular the Index, the Croatian live TV show, RTL (show Search) and Jutarnji list. In just four days, from the morning of June 15 to 7am on June 19, 29.182 citizens signed the petition. The next day it was handed over to the Prime Minister. Altogether, the petition was signed by 32.757 citizens, which indicates that it was also the most successful online citizen petition in Croatia in 2017. Two days later, at the session on June 22 the Government of the Republic of Croatia issued a public promise that all the money needed would be secured from the state budget which happened - a budget reallocation of 14 million HRK was provided to the Ministry of health, which has during the following month gave it to Clinic for Children's Diseases Zagreb - Klaić, based on the opinion of the Commission of the Croatian institute for health insurance.


Advocating the ratification of the Istanbul convention

In line with its program focus on promoting gender equality and freedom of gender expression (Secondary out loud!) SOLIDARNA has, during 2017, through the Platform for reproductive and women's rights and contacts with Women's network closely followed the dynamics of the  anticipated ratification of the Convention of the Council of Europe on the prevention and fighting violence against women and the family violence-the Istanbul Convention. SOLIDARNA has actively contributed to the preparation and has provided logistical support for the protest campaign addressed to parliamentarians in front of the Parliament on November 24th, ahead of the International day of fighting violence against women. Its purpose was putting to public focus the fact that the government, under the pressure of religious fundamentalists, did not maintain its promise and normative obligation to send the Convention to the ratification to Parliament by the end of the third quarter of 2017. In the light of putting the focus on that issue there were organised public actions of Marina Škrabalo, in the function of director of SOLIDARNA, Sandra Benčić, in the function of human rights activist, but also of the president of the foundation SOLIDARNA and Sanja Sarnavka, the founder of SOLIDARNA who has actively participated in action preparation. It is very important to recognize that due to last year's campaign „Secondary to out loud!“ the media recognizes SOLIDARNA as an organization that is openly and actively opposed to religious fundamentalism and current offensive to women's human rights and LGBTIQ rights and which acts as part of a wider coalition for defending acquired and now acutely endangered women's rights to choose and a life without violence.


6. Promoting Human Rights in the Business Sector

In 2017, the foundation SOLIDARNA has cooperated with the Croatian business advisory council for sustainable development on promotion of the role of the business sector in the protection of human rights through granting of a special award for diversity and human rights within the Socially Responsible Business (SRB) Index which Marina Škrabalo, as a representative of SOLIDARNA has given to IKEA Croatia at the 9th SRB conference held on November 21, 2017. A day later, within the same conference, Sandra Benčić, on behalf of the SOLIDARNA foundation, has signed the Charter on Diversity - an initiative launched in 16 EU countries in a form of a self-regulation document with which the business sector as well as the non-profit organizations affirm to commit to policy of diversity and non-discrimination in their working environments and business environment. Organizations that have adopted the Charter are expected to adopt a policy of respecting diversity, implement and to promote diversity principles and to report on their activities in this area. So far, the charter has been signed by about 40 organizations, most of them in Croatia.


The whole team of SOLIDARNA is grateful for the solidarity of all donors, associates, supporters  who helped us greatly facilitate our work and proved that there are people who care about effective, systematic and real human rights protection in Croatia.

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