Results of the campaign "Good hosts: Lets support young creative people without home"

On Wednesday, June 14th, at the Vinyl Cafe in Zagreb, the results of the campaign "Good hosts: Lets support young creative people without home" were presented. The campaign was organized by the Initiative Welcome refugees, Are You Syrious?, the Solidarity Coalition Split and foundation SOLIDARNA.

„The home is so much more than a house or apartment - it's a place where children and young people have safety and support to be what they are and all they want to be. That's why we have, through this campaign, as good hosts, wanted  to offer a opportunity to young creative people without home to express themselves creatively, enriching themselves and the communities they live in.“

Under this slogan, at the initiative of the band Kries, last winter, during the holidays, Are You Syrious?, Initiative Welcome Refugees, SOLIDARNA - Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity and Solidarity Coalition Split have launched a charitable campaign „Good hosts: Let's support young creative people without home“. The campaign was supported by donations of 283 citizens who have together, as good hosts collected total of 206,000 HRK to support the creative needs of young refugees and youth without adequate parental care that enrich our lives with their creations.

Thanks to the citizens who have donated, volunteers and collaborative organizations and the media that supported it, the campaign "Good Hosts" will support the following individual and collective creative needs and programs for youth without parental care, housing community SOS Children's Villages, refugees (mostly accommodated in Reception Hall asylum seekers Porin in Zagreb), young people who leave the care system for those homeless people. Support goes to Osijek, Split and Zagreb, and will enable permanent creativity of young people and implementation of creative programs in the next year.

Campaign donations "Good hosts: Lets support young creative people without home":

Painting accessories for three young people - Sameer, Maryam (Porin, Zagreb) and Mary (Osijek) in the amount of 2.328,53 HRK .

 Professional photography equipment - Donya and Shayan (Porin, Zagreb) in the amount of 3.499,00 HRK.

Guitars and amplifiers - Tomislav (Osijek), Aurwa and Rasul (Porin, Zagreb) in the amount of 1.601,50 HRK.

 Participation at workshops and festival „Graffiti na gradele“ in Bol on Brač-Marko (Osijek) in the amount of 1.097,00 HRK.

Accessories for creative manicure and hairdressing- Vanja and Romana (Osijek) in the amount of 375,00 HRK and 865, 00  HRK.

Provision of art studio for SOS Children's Villages Ladimirevci in the amount of 20.000,00 HRK.

 Thematic program „Good hosts“ as part of the Tabor Film Festival 2017.- workshops, film and music program, exhibition of refugee works and nursery school with participation of young creators without a home in the amount of 13.055,29 HRK.

 Creative workshops for children and young refugees located in the Porin- organization of the Association Are You Syrious? and Little Dragon in the amount of 20.000,00 HRK.

 A creative summer camp in Kaštel Kambelovac with the local donation of accommodation and food for the entire group of refugee children from Porin and creative workshops for all children in the amount of 58.660,00 HRK.

• Support to the choir Domaćigosti for the engagement of the head of the choir in the amount of 15.000,00 HRK.

• A program of creative workshops for women refugees at the Živi Atelje DK association in Zagreb in the amount of 32.000,00 HRK.

 • Launch of art and drummer workshops within the MOST association from Split for homeless people and young people who are leaving institutional care system in the city of Split in the amount of 10.000,00 HRK.

Many thanks to all citizens for their contribution both with support and donation, and we hope that you will continue to help young creators in the future.