SOLIDARNA's Donation Codex


Article 1.

The Regulation, according to the Statute of the foundation SOLIDARNA - Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity (hereinafter: SOLIDARNA) prescribes obligations related to relations with potential and current donors.

Article 2.

The terms used in this Regulation written in one gender are neutral and refer to all genders equally.

Article 3.

SOLIDARNA refrains from collecting funds primarily intended for civil society organizations (associations, initiatives) unless it is invited to participate as a partner and if there is no significant risk of competing with related programs, projects or initiatives.

SOLIDARNA will apply for public funds primarily intended for foundations and grants.

Article 4.

The Foundation recognizes three categories of potential donors:

• 1. Eligible donors - acceptable without assessment of eligibility,

• 2. Potentially unacceptable donors - acceptable after individual assessment of eligibility by the Foundation’s administration,

• 3. Fully unacceptable donors - military industry, GMO producers, nuclear industry, fuel industry with high environmental risk, political parties.


Donations by politicians and public figures are accepted after individual assessment of eligibility with focus on public speech, records of open investigations or indictments and convictions (war crime, corruption, misuse of positions, etc.)

The Foundation, either on its own initiative or on the initiative of the Foundation's Director, another staff or the Foundation’s Donor Relations Counsel, decides on potentially unacceptable donors within 7 days of the written request to assess the donor's eligibility.

Criteria such as socially responsible business, ecological impact, protection of workers' rights, etc. will be taken into account in the individual assessment of eligibility of the potential donors, and in private persons public speech and reputation, records of open misdemeanor and criminal reports and investigations, indictments and judgments, etc.

Article 5.

The types of donations that the foundation receives without discrimination are:

• 1. Money

• 2. Knowledge

• 3. Services •

4. Equipment

• 5. Other tangible and intangible assets

Article 6.

The Foundation is not allowed to receive anonymous donations.


The Foundation will request each individual donor’s approval of the use of their names for promotional purposes.


Article 7.

Each donor has the right to choose the fund of the Foundation for which he will allocate his funds. Donors are not allowed to select individual recipients of financial support.


Article 8.

The Foundation accepts sponsorships other than those related to socially and environmentally irresponsible companies and contain marketing requirements that are considered as the opposite mode of work and communication strategy of SOLIDARNA.


Article 9.

All donors will be issued a electronic receipt of the donation on request, which will be stored in the SOLIDARNA Donor Record in accordance with the regulations on personal data protection.


Once a year, SOLIDARNA is conducting a survey among donors about their satisfaction of cooperation with SOLIDARNA and their future needs as donors.


Donation Codex

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