Tender results: RETROactive - new artistic productions on the subject of activism and civic resistance

We present you the results of the tender by SOLIDARNA in cooperation with the Domino association. We are thankful for all received submissions and we have had a difficult task of selecting works for the exhibition.

We thank everyone for participating in RETROactive – a tender for new artistic productions on the subject of activism and civic resistance.

The commission composed by Marina Škrabalo (Foundation Solidarna and GONG), Zvonimir Dobrović (Domino) and Martina Kontošić (Kurziv) has selected for production and display at the exhibition the works of Ivan Armanini "Walls", Jasna Jasna Žmak "I am the future"  and performance “Never again. Never again?” by Elma Selman.

"The Walls" and "I'm the Future" are two, by their sensibilities and the expression, completely different works, yet they have equally successfully responded to the competition task, respecting the theme, the production framework and the time limit for performance.

"The Walls" belong to the underground strip milieu, but the "classic strip form will be ironized and brought to the edge area that unites strip and abstraction, action, experiment, street art and graphics." Underground speaks from a resistance position and its language has the light tradition of harsh, direct and politically incorrect message. "The work will be executed in jumbo format and adapted to the presentation space.

"I am the future" is evolving from audio work, which in a powerful and shocking way tackles the issues of acting and not acting in the turbulent political context of this region. Although it does not mention specific actions and movements, the work "operates in the field of speculative fiction creating a space for imagining another future, the future we might have lived today if all these movements didn’t happen" J.J.Ž.

"Never again. Never again?" is a performance that challenges a strong statement which over time, as well with repetition of what we have promised to leave behind, turned into empty phrase. On the one hand, putting the label with the printed crimes, and on the other hand,  with repetition of the words “Never Again” written with chalk, the "crimed" remain, while "Never Again" with repetition is more and more, repetition - lost. Behind this performance also remains the object and thus the work upgrades the performance dimension and becomes the physical part of the exhibition.