Thematic lecture: Access to health – a right or a mercy?

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, December 5th in Cinema Europe to support the Holiday demands of Health Care Associations for a better health approach in 2018.

Tuesday, December 5, 10:00 – 12:00, Müller Hall, Cinema Europe

Presentation of the Holiday Demands by the Coalition of Health Associations for better health access in 2018 and a public discussion


1. Ivica Belina, Head of the Coalition of Health Associations

2. Mag.iur. Antonija Ivančan, Department of European Public Law, Faculty of Law in Zagreb

3. Dr. Ana Bobinac, University of Rijeka, author of the report on public health policies "Access to HealthServices"

4. Dr. Sc. Aleksandar Džakula, School of Public Health Andrija Štampar

5. Moderator: Sandra Benčić, Centre for Peace Studies and Foundation SOLIDARNA

6. Co-organizers: Coalition of Health Associations, SOLIDARNA Foundation and Center for Peace Studies

The Coalition of Health Associations will be presenting its Holiday demands for better health access in 2018, which are defined as a priority and feasibility over the next year if there is a political will for it. Demands are based on the recent Health Care Accessibility Report by dr. Ana Bobinac, a first ever analysis of the Croatian health system with regard to health needs and the constitutional principle of equality of all citizens. The purpose of this public debate is to detect legal bases, practical obstacles and specific opportunities for easier and better access to health care for all Croatian citizens in the context of the constitutional order of the Republic of Croatia and European public law as well as the model of management and financing of the health system that continuously generates inequalities, poor outcomes of treatment and financial losses.

Tuesday, December 5th, 12:00 -14:00, Müller Hall

Projection of Robert Zuber's documentary "Million Dollar Life" (78 ') and a conversation with the author

We are organizing a film screening and a conversation with the director Robert Zuber under the slogan "Never Again!" as a reminder of tragic scenarios when the Croatian health system failed to respond in an adequate way to critical health needs and to support family members of patients who, faced with despair and being left alone, seek a lifeline in humanitarian actions and in a independent search for a chance to live abroad.

Tuesday, December 5, 20:00 – 22:00, Müller Hall

"Parents fighting for their children's chance to live" - projection of the movie and a conversation

Projection of the documentary "The Patient" (78 ') by Colombian director Jorge Caballer and a conversation with parents of children with malignant illnesses.

• Moderator: Maja Sever
• Co-organizers: SOLIDARNA Foundation and Krijesnica association

The documentary "The Patient" follows a middle-aged woman who is taking care of her 23-year-old daughter suffering from cancer, patiently breaking through the bureaucratic labyrinth of the Colombian health system, in daily interactions with attentive but way too overloaded healthcare workers. This film is a silent acknowledgment and a celebration of human resistance in the light of the most difficult life situation of a child's own illness.

After the documentary, a conversation with the parents of children suffering from malignant and other illness will take place, in collaboration with the association Krijesnica and members of various health care associations, about their experiences of struggling for their children's chances to live and suggestions on how to make the health care system more human and supporting families of patients. The conversation will be moderated by Maja Sever.

Foundation SOLIDARNA is organizing this round table as an expression of respect for the families of children suffering from neuroblastoma and gratitude for all 32,740 citizens of the petition "Every sick child has the right for a chance to live" which was very successful in June this year – thanks to the strong pressure of the media and the public, and despite the initial resistance, instead of humanitarian action and improvisation, the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the public health system provided funding for the treatment of all children from Klaić hospital whose doctors and leading specialists determined that they were candidates for immunotherapy.