Who and how can support SOLIDARNA


The programmes of foundation SOLIDARNA are intended for the wide spectrum of different partner and organizational form of action in croatian society whos focus is on human rights protection and strenghtening the societal solidarity. We don't put emphasis on organizational form, rather on values you are promoting.

Values which are foundation of our action and donating decisions are the respect of human rights and citizen freedoms, solidarity, socioeconomical justice, antifascism, non violence, inclusivity, diversity acknowledgement, gender equality and  expression, freedom of choice and expression, preservation of natural and cultural goods.

Foundation SOLIDARNA doesn't give nor takes donations form political parties.

In so far, foundation SOLIDARNA through its programmes includes:

  • Individuals
  • Unformal citizen initiatives                       
  • associations
  • social cooperatives
  • cultural and artistic organizations
  • unions
  • collaborative platforms
  • religious citizen initiatives and associations
  • collaborative programmes and initiatives which involve stakeholders from different sectors - public, business and civil society