Providing emergency assistance and protection to victims of domestic and sexual violence

#SPASIME initiative i SOLIDARNA Foundation launched the #SPASIME Fund to provide immediate and concrete assistance to victims of domestic violence through economic and legal aid, psychological and medical care and housing. The role of the Fund is to act promptly, which is something the institutions fail to do. Financial aid to victims is provided after they contact SOLIDARNA by phone at 091 482 5449 or by e-mail at fond.spasime@solidarna.

Select the type and purpose of the donation

50,00 kn (6,64 €) 100,00 kn (13,27 €) 200,00 kn (26,54 €) 300,00 kn (39,82 €) 500,00 kn (66,36 €)

Types of Assisance

Donations are used for emergency assistance to victims of any type of violence.
Victims are entitled to have the following costs covered:

Legal aid

Medical care

Cost of psychotherapy

Housing costs

Counselling access travel expenses

Phone call expenses

Costs of further education

Personal expenses

Reconstructive surgery costs

Household expenses


Funeral costs for murdered victimS

Registration and support criteria

To be eligible for financial aid from the Fund, violence must be reported to the police, Social welfare center, or relevant court.

Other criteria is for the victim or parent/legal guardian, if the victim is a child, to contact the Foundation. The person applying for aid cannot have other funding sources/must not be eligible for other social benefits provided by public institutions of the Republic of Croatia and must lack adequate assistance and protection available through official channels within the necessary timeframe.

The Fund Council grants financial assistance for day-to-day expenses within 15 days of applying and providing all necessary paperwork. The Fund Council grants financial assistance for emergency expenses within 24 hours of the application.

How to apply

Need help? let us know!

Contact us by e-mail, provide the proof that the violence was reported to relevant institutions, describe what you need financial aid for and indicate its approximate amount.

095 1683 437

Priče obitelji kojima smo pomogli

Fund Beneficiaries

In the time between its inception in July 2019 and the beginning of 2021, the #spasime Fund provided help for 73 women and 146 children across Croatia. Working in small villages and urban areas alike, we were able to help an average of one family a week. Together, we helped victims of domestic and sexual violence aged 9 to 58. The bulk of the donations were used for legal expenses (40%) and rent, in cases where women had left a violent relationship, or safe houses, (35%). Donations were also used to purchase food and clothes for women and children (14%), school supplies such as books, notebooks, sports shoes and so on (7%) and for other expenses such as firewood, babysitters and so on (4%).

Who manages the Fund

Fund Council manages the Fund while the Foundation Board makes decisions to grant funds based on proposals by the Fund Council.

The Foundation Board may reject proposals put forward by the Fund Council if they are not in line with the #spasime Fund’s rules and regulations on financial aid award.

SOLIDARNA Foundation Secretary Ivan Blažević will be in charge of the Fund’s operations management, with Sanja SarnavkaJelena KovačićDean AjdukovićBiserka Belicza-Tomljenović and Antonija Petričušić acting as members of the Fund Council.

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