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For equality as our reality.

Since its establishment at the end of 2015, the SOLIDARNA – Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity set the protection of women’s rights and the promotion of gender equality as one of the priorities.

With the establishment of the Croatian Women’s Fund, SOLIDARNA completes its previous work on the realization of every woman’s right to a life without violence, the right to accessible health care, and the right to political, economic, and social equality.

The vision of the Croatian Women’s Fund is to build a community where equality is our reality, where even the most vulnerable members have their basic needs met and the opportunity to realize their potential.

Program areas


    Through the previous #spasime Fund now part of the Croatian Woman’s Fund, in the period from 2019, we have helped through the Fund 147 women and 276 children throughout the Republic of Croatia through, an average of one family per week, from small villages to urban areas. Together, we helped victims of domestic and sexual violence between the ages of 9 and 58.

    The majority of donations went to rent in case women leave a violent relationship or a safe house (39%), then for living expenses (34.41%), then for legal expenses (21%), women’s and children’s education (2.59%), health expenses and costs of psychotherapy (3%).

    The Women’s Fund continues the work of the #spasime Fund in ensuring a safe life for every woman through the program to help victims of domestic and sexual violence.


    A precondition for granting financial assistance from the Women’s Fund is a report of violence to the police or a center for social welfare or a medical report in the case of domestic and sexual violence.

    Some of the conditions are that the victim or parent/guardian should contact the Foundation if the child is a victim, that the person does not have other sources of financing or does not meet the requirements for other social benefits of public bodies of the Republic of Croatia, and if adequate help and protection is not available to her/him within the required time through official system.

    The Foundation Council approves assistance in financing regular expenses within 15 days of submitting an application for financing with all the necessary documentation, and assistance in financing urgent expenses is approved by the Foundation Council within 24 hours of submitting the request.

    Fill out the application form and send to


    The Women’s Fund program is dedicated to promoting reproductive health and rights, with an emphasis on high-quality information and services. The goals of our work are to improve the quality of comprehensive health and sexual education, to ensure access to health services, and to enable women and young people to independently make their own decisions about reproductive health.

    Through this program unit, until August 2023, 26 women are provided with reproductive health care.

    A precondition for granting financial support from the Women’s Fund for insurance reproductive health is:

    • specialist report and/or referral from a specialist or other evidence of health status
    • a person older than 16 years
    • a person under the age of 16 represented by a legal representative (one of the parents) or the guardian assigned to her by the court, except in case of insecurity and/or threat to life and health minors when a person can ask for help independently

    Assistance in financing regular expenses is approved by the Foundation Council within 15 days from submitting an application for financing with all the necessary documentation, and assistance in financing emergency expenses are approved by the Foundation Council within 24 hours of submitting the request.

    Fill out the application form and send to


    SOLIDARNA has financially and mentoring supported women entrepreneurs in their growth and development through the so far Brave program. Women’s economic empowerment is the process by which women and girls move from a position of limited power, voice, and choice at home and in the economy to have the skills, resources, and opportunities necessary to access and have equal access to markets. In addition to direct support for women, we are also focused on cooperation with employers in the development of internal processes and models with the aim of ensuring gender equality in the workplace.


    Education and prevention represent a separate program area of the Women’s Fund because we believe that long-term changes come from systematic, science-based education of young women, but also of men. We want to make an extra effort and, in cooperation with schools all over the Republic of Croatia, enable the availability of all relevant information so that the next generation can already see positive developments. So far, we have worked with students on the topic of domestic and sexual violence, and human rights, but also with companies where we have educated employees about partner violence or helped them develop internal procedures in cases of sexual violence at the workplace.


    By working directly with victims of violations of their rights, we recognize critical points in the work of the public system, and based on them, we propose and advocate systematic changes that would ensure help, support, and care for women, regardless of which village, town or city they come from.

    We consider advocacy work inseparable from direct support for women and children. Each of our suggestions or criticisms of the work of public bodies comes in good faith in order to ensure better work together and respect for the rights of all.

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Reference number: 03-2024
Bank: Erste bank

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#Solidarity is our #NewNormal!

In its work, the SOLIDARNA Foundation adheres to all legal regulations, meets the highest standards of transparent reporting to donors and the public, and is guided by its own Rulebook on conflict of interest management and the Rulebook on relations with supporters and donors, according to which 3% of collected donations from citizens and 10% of collected donations companies and corporations can use it for the operational costs of implementing the Fund’s program.

Who manages the fund?

The Fund is managed by the Fund’s Foundation Council, and decisions on the allocation of funds from the Fund are made by the Foundation Board based on the Foundation Council’s proposal.

The Foundation Board can reject the proposal of the Foundation Council if the proposal is not in accordance with the Regulations on the allocation of financial support of the Fund for Women.

Along with the members of the Fund’s Foundation Council consisting of Sanja Sarnavka, Jelena Kovačić, Dean Ajduković, Jasenka Grujić and Antonija Petričušić, the Fund is operationally managed by Karla Pudar.

Contact us by email at: or phone number: 095 1683 437.

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