We provide professional advice, develop and implement donation programs, projects and actions of all sizes alongside you.

Programme & grant management

We advise and implement donation programs from the starting idea to realization. Extensive experience in developing procedures, calling tenders, evaluation, financial and administrative monitoring opens up opportunities for creative shifts for greater social contribution and development.

Campaigns and actions

Preparation and implementation of charitable, humanitarian and advocacy actions and campaigns is the most visible activity of SOLIDARNA. We know where to go to reach the set goal and what steps to take to be successful.

Strategic and operational planning

We prepare and manage the processes of your internal planning in larger and smaller groups.

Trainings and Workshops

We hold training sessions & workshops on topics: advocacy (local, national, international level), fundraising & philanthropy (individual, mass, corporate philanthropy), non-profit marketing and narrative building, as well as all topics related to organizational development as well as the development of internal human rights policies. Workshops and training sessions can be scheduled to last from a couple of hours to up to few days, depending on the needs.

Diversity Charter in Croatia follows successful models from other European countries, based on a set of principles that signatories voluntarily accept for the purpose of promoting diversity, non-discrimination, inclusiveness and equal opportunities in the workplace. Leader of the project in Croatia is the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, and SOLIDARNA is the only non-profit organization that is a signatory.