Since its first year of operation in 2016, the SOLIDARNA Foundation has managed to raise HRK 4.5 million for direct allocation of humanitarian aid, support for civic activism in the community and victims of human rights violations, and local community development. We are proud to have multiplied our core assets 119 times and we are grateful to 3,183 private sector donors of SOLIDARNA, including 3,043 citizens (not including all 39,000 citizens who dialed the humanitarian 060 number) and 140 companies of all sizes and profiles, mostly privately owned and operating in Croatia. This means that local philanthropy for human rights and progressive social goals can be initiated and nurtured in Croatia, despite the chronic lack of institutional incentives for the local philanthropic sector.

SOLIDARNA develops and nurtures its relationship with donors in accordance with its purpose, professional and friendly cooperation, common goals and maximizing the common contribution to society, nature, and man.

In order to have equal relations with all potential, permanent and long-term donors, we have developed a Rulebook on relations with donors, which we follow in our daily work.
SOLIDARNA recognizes three categories of potential donors:

1.Eligible donors – eligible without eligibility assessment,
2.Potentially ineligible donors – become eligible after an individual eligibility assessment by the Foundation Board,
3.Completely unacceptable donors – military industry, producers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), nuclear industry, fuel industry with high risk for the environment, political parties.

Donations by politicians and public figures are accepted after an individual eligibility assessment with a focus on public speaking, records of open criminal investigations or indictments, and convictions (war crimes, corruption, abuse of office, etc.)

The Foundation Board, on its own initiative or at the initiative of the Foundation Manager, other staff, or the Foundation Donor Relations Council, decides on potentially ineligible donors within 7 days of the written request for a donor eligibility assessment.

Criteria such as socially responsible business, environmental impact, protection of workers’ rights, etc. will be considered in individual assessments of the acceptability of potential donors, while for private persons public speech and reputation, records of open misdemeanor and criminal charges and investigations, indictments, and verdicts, etc. will be the deciding factors.


The Foundation is not allowed to receive anonymous donations, and the use of names of individual donors for promotional purposes is allowed only with explicit approval, while the names of all donor companies are made public.

Each donor has the right to choose the fund of the Foundation for which they will allocate their funds. Donors are not allowed to select an individual recipient of financial support.

The Foundation accepts sponsorships, other than those related to socially and environmentally irresponsible companies and those that contain marketing requirements that are assessed as contrary to the communication strategy of SOLIDARNA as well as its manner of operations.

The Foundation has the right to direct 3% from paid monetary donations from natural persons, and 10% of the paid monetary donations from legal entities for the operational costs of running funds and implementing humanitarian actions and campaigns.

Upon request, all donors are issued an acknowledgment of receipt of the donation in written electronic form and stored in the SOLIDARNA Donor Register in accordance with the regulations on personal data protection.

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