Culture in the Community

The SOLIDARNA Foundation launched the Culture in the Community programme in 2016 to create new socially engaged art opportunities, both for established authors and for the affirmation of young aspiring authors raising human rights issues in interesting ways. Supports within the Culture in the Community programme are channelled into cultural creativity promoting the values of human rights and solidarity.

This programme focuses on cultural production and includes a wide range of authors’ styles, techniques and media, without discrimination based on the traditional classification into so-called popular and high culture, which uses original and inspiring methods to open dialogue in the community about the fundamental values of our society, and encourage citizens to think and act critically. The costs of programme design and implementation are covered through substantial volunteer effort of the authors, partnerships with relevant organisations and institutions to secure non-financial support, and the support of interested donors.


Pilot program KRIK – crisis and creativity

The SOLIDARNA Foundation and the Fund for Others launched at the end of 2021 CRY – crisis and Creativity, a pilot program of financial and professional support for mental health protection projects in the community that foster a creative or artistic approach.

The launch of CRY was supported by Atlantic Grupa and Ginger Sushi with a total of HRK 40,000.

KRIK aims to financially and professionally support initiatives that connect art or creative expression with the protection of mental health on an individual and collective level through artistic productions, creative and therapeutic activities, discursive and experiential educational content, media productions, and other empowering, interactive formats of personal and social development.

The first public call for donations was closed on February 10, 2022. In 2022, the KRIK program supported 15 mental health affirmation and protection programs, in the form of small financial grants (10 winners), mentoring and professional support (15 winners), and targeted support in the procurement of equipment, access to other donors and networking (15 winners).

Banija is awakening

Banija is awakening an inclusive and dynamic cultural and artistic program that is realized in the area of ​​Banija through a series of inventive initiatives in local communities that connect cultural creativity, education and tradition and work inclusively and intergenerationally. The main goal of the program is to provide new opportunities for local residents for additional cultural content and opportunities for their own cultural expression and creativity.

Način prijave

The “Culture in the Community” program of the SOLIDARNA Foundation provides support for socially engaged artistic work with small financial grants. Support for up to 1,000 euros is awarded to authors who lack support for the realization of an existing project. The competition is open throughout the year. For any additional information, contact 

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All companies wishing to support Fund Solidarity with Ukraine, please contact to ensure your financial and accounting needs.

In its work, the SOLIDARNA Foundation adheres to all legal regulations, meets the standards of transparent reporting to donors and the public, and is guided by its own Rulebook on Conflict of Interest Management and the Rulebook on Relations with Supporters, according to which 3% of donations collected from citizens and 10% of donations collected of companies and corporations is used for operational costs of implementing the program of the Fund.

Tko upravlja Fondom?

The Fund is managed by the Fund’s Foundation Council, and decisions on the allocation of funds from the Fund are made by the Director based on the Foundation Council’s proposal.

The director can reject the proposal of the Foundation Council if the proposal is not by the Rulebook on the allocation of financial support for the “Culture in the Community” program.

The members of the Foundation Council are: Tea Škokić, Anica Tomić, Nebojša Taraba, Iva Šverko, and Marina Škrabalo.

Associate members of the Foundation Council in charge of advisory and evaluation support within the pilot program KRIK – crisis and creativity (implementation period: December 2021 – December 2022) are Zvonimir Dobrović and Adrian Pezdirc (representatives of the partner Fund for other DOMINO associations).

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