A new edition of the ‘Leave a good mark’ program for NGOs: We look forward to your applications!

Applications are open for the new edition of the “Leave a Good Trace” program, which is supported by Erste Bank with partners Solidarna Foundation, Panda Communications, and Social Prudence Consulting.

The goal of the program is to provide educational and mentoring support to non-profit organizations and help them achieve financial resilience and raise funds for their programs. The selected eleven participants of the ‘Leave a Good Mark’ program will participate in an educational program where they will learn how to create or improve a social business model, how to create a fundraising strategy, tell their story and how to improve their presentation on digital channels. After that, the presentation of the fundraising campaign will be organized before an expert jury, and the winning organization will win additional individual mentoring and organizational support for the implementation of the campaign from our partners in the amount of 10 thousand euros.

This is the second year of the “Leave a Good Mark” program, and last year’s grant winners, the Association for the Promotion of Mental Health Feniks, created and implemented a campaign that raised 20,000 euros for their goal – the purchase of support packages for people receiving psychiatric treatment at KBC. to Split. In addition to them, the BIOM Association, which also participated in the program, carried out a successful campaign.

“We are extremely happy to continue with the Leave a Good Mark program because, through this form of support, we strengthen our non-profit organizations as well as the community in which we live and work. The program is the result of many years of experience in inclusive banking, which we carry out with start-up entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations, supporting the transfer of ideas “from theory to reality”. Last year, the program was tested, successfully implemented, and improved for this year. We believe that we will have many applications this year as well. By achieving its mission, every non-profit organization creates positive changes in society, thereby leaving a good mark in the lives of individuals and the wider community, therefore the aim of this program is to empower non-profit organizations to present their work to the wider community, the business sector and potential donors, and to achieve greater recognition and support of their program,” said Tina Sirotić, head of Erste Bank’s Socially Responsible Banking Service, on this occasion.

Criteria for selecting a non-profit organization

The program is intended for non-profit organizations that positively influence society through their activities and that already have or are developing a product or service. The organization must be registered as active in the Register of Non-Profit Organizations, must operate in accordance with positive applicable laws, and must not be blocked, bankrupt, or liquidated.

“When we were educated in these areas, there was no program like this in Croatia, and that’s why we consider it valuable for organizations to take the time to apply, go through the program and put their plans into action. We are glad to see that the program that had such good results last year is continuing this year. We believe that through our engagement we will transfer our experience and knowledge and that we will help organizations to develop with the aim of having a greater and better impact on their environment”, said Ivan Blažević, director of the Solidarna Foundation.

The criteria for selecting organizations that will participate in the program are the social benefit of the project, the ability of the team and organization to implement the project and the campaign, and a clearly defined idea, goals, deadlines, and expected results of the campaign. The contest lasts until September 17, and more information about the conditions for applying, the method of selecting participants, and the calendar of events can be found on the website of Erste Bank “Leave a Good Mark”.


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