Action Report: „Let us all be Gabrijela’s family “

With agreement between the SOLIDARNA Foundation and Index promocija d. o. o. signed on 20th October 2022, an action was started to gather means for the living expenses and education of Gabrijela K., whose parents and brother suffered a car accident. The action was carried out from 24th October to 1st November 2022.

  1. General Information

Purpose of donation: Assistance for the living expenses and education of Gabrijela K.

Beneficiary of donation: Gabrijela K., Mostar (represented by her grandfather Rade K.)

Date of submission of the report: 1st December 2022

Overall sum of donations gathered: 1.259.866,73 HRK + 10.358,03 EUR + 500,00 SEK + 15,00 CHF + 150,00 USD

Overall sum in HRK (Croatian Kuna) according to the average exchange rate as set by HNB (The Croatian National Bank): 1.340.556,72 HRK

  1. Gathering of the means

From 24th October 2022 to 1st December a total of 1.340.556,72 HRK was payed into the giro account of the Desa and Jerko Baković Fund by calls to the number 11-2022 or under the payment description ‘Donation for Gabrijela’ (originally ‘Donacija za Gabrijelu). Conversion of the overall sum into Croatian Kuna was done according to the average exchange rate as set by the Croatian National Bank on 1st December 2022.

During the action 6 092 individual donations were made, of which 6 003 were made by physical persons while 89 were made by legal persons. The smallest individual donation amounted to 1 HRK and the highest to 50 000 HRK, while the average donation amounted to 220.05 HRK.

Remark: Four (4) individual donations were made without a call to the dedicated phone number or the dedicated payment description. Regardless, it is assumed that these payments were intended as donations for Gabrijela and are thus included in this report.

All donors, whether physical or legal persons, went through the assessment process according to the Rulebook on Relations with Donors and the Rulebook for Managing Conflict of Interest of the SOLIDARNA Foundation.

The SOLIDARNA Foundation will include the results of this collaborative action in its report to the City Office for Social Protection and People with Disabilities, Department of Humanitarian Aid.

  1. Further steps

The SOLIDARNA Foundation and Index promocija d.o.o. are in contact with the legal guardians of Gabrijela K. who are currently in the process of opening a giro account in Gabrijela’s name in a bank in the Republic of Croatia, after which a donation contract will be signed and a part of the funds will be transferred to Garijela’s account.

Index promocija d.o.o. have been looking into the possibility of investing a section of the gathered means into an investment fund, the proceeds of which would become available to Gabrijela upon her coming of legal age. Any decision on investing into the fund will be made in agreement with the legal guardians.

Report compiled:
Ivan Blažević

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