IMPACT4VALUES: The call for medium and small projects is open

Publication date of the Public Call for medium and small projects within the Impact4Values ​​program: March 23, 2023.

Amount of available funds: a total of 2,000,000 euros

Of that for Croatia: 1,200,000 euros

Of that for small projects: 300,000 euros

Of that for medium-sized projects: 900,000 euros

Amount of funds for each project: For small projects: 10,000 – 30,000 euros, For medium projects: 40,000 – 60,000 euros

Who are the funds intended for?

Civil society organizations in Croatia and their partners

Purpose of financing?

Support for civil society organizations and their projects that protect and promote European values.

An extensive capacity building program will also be available to selected civil society organizations.

Duration of projects: From 12 to 18 months

Application deadline: May 29, 2023 until 12 pm (noon)

Send project proposals to:

Info workshop: April 11, 2023 on the ZOOM platform (recording available below in the post)

The presentation from the informative workshop held on April 11, 2023 can be found here.

About the Impact4Values ​​program: IMPACT4VALUES is a Slovenian-Croatian support program for civil society organizations that promote and protect European values ​​through their activities. The program provides financial and organizational support to smaller organizations so that they can better contribute to the protection, promotion and awareness of EU fundamental rights and values.

Impact4values ​​​​​​​​is implemented within the framework of the EU program Citizens, Equality, Rights, Values ​​(CERV). CERV is a European program worth around 1.55 billion euros, with which the European Commission wants to protect and promote the rights and values ​​contained in the EU Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The program covers the areas of the previous programs Europe for Citizens, Rights, Equality and Citizenship and DAPHNE.

Call for Proposals Documentation

 Public call for small and medium projects(pdf) – Ispravak 17.4.2023. 

Information about the applicant and the project (excel)

Application form (Word)

Financial plan (excel)

Declaration of the applicant (Word) – Correction 12.4.2023.

Partner statement (Word)

An example for preparing information for partners (Croatian and English)

An example of a contract on financial support for a project (pdf)

Example of a partnership agreement (Word)

Mobile teams

Based on the expressed interest, we will present the Public Call for small and medium-sized projects as part of the Impact4Values will be presented live in 10 Croatian cities or municipalities, with the possibility of consultations based on the submitted short descriptions of project ideas.

Mobile teams will be active from April 17 to May 7. We will choose the places we will visit based on applications. We will try to choose those places that cover a sufficiently large number of interested parties.

You can apply HERE

Application deadline: April 16, 2023

Individual consultations

Individual consultations (online) for approximately 15 organizations.

You can apply HERE.

Deadline for applications: no later than May 10, 2023 or until the appointment is filled.

Watch the recording of the info workshop held on April 11, 2023.


Frequently asked questions

Can an organization with an average annual income of more than €300,000 be a project partner?

It can, if it meets the other eligibility conditions.


We plan to enter the Impact4Values ​​competition in partnership with an association that, at the time of submitting the application, will not be registered for at least one year. Since we did not find in the Public Call that such a partner is not acceptable, please let us know if such a partner is acceptable?

In accordance with the conditions of the Call, eligible partner organizations do not have to be registered for at least one year before the deadline for applying to the Call.

We take care of people with disabilities, mostly with developmental disabilities. Their parents’ fear of what will happen to their children when they are gone is justified. That’s why in the future we want to build a settlement (with projects, donations…) where people with disabilities will be accommodated with appropriate care (doctor, pedagogue, psychologist). There is already a settlement of this type in Denmark, so we would like to go on a study trip to Denmark to observe an example of good practice. We have already contacted them. Is this activity acceptable and can it be the only activity on the project?

The described activity may be acceptable within the proposed project, but it cannot be the only activity. The study visit must be the basis for further steps. Think about how you will solve the identified problem. Are you going to deal with it through advocacy – you want to convince decision-makers to provide funds for such a settlement, or maybe you will collect funds yourself, start developing services in this direction, etc. Take care that all projects must contribute to at least one result and effect program. You can find more information about this in the Invitation document, chapter 3.4.1.

How will the proportionality of the distribution of funds between partners and applicants be determined?

Appraisers will check the proportionality of the distribution of funds. The distribution of funds must be proportional to the planned activities that each organization will implement. The applicant is the leading organization responsible for the implementation of the project. Manages the project and directs it in terms of content, and at the same time, of course, carries out other project activities. This means that the applicant must have at least an equal (if not greater) role in the project, both substantively and financially.

Did we understand correctly how the average income in the last 3 years is calculated – our organization had about 10,000 euros in income in 2020, and about 200,000 euros in 2021 and 2022. Based on the average of these three years, our income amounts to a little more than 130,000 euros. Is that so and can we apply?


Does the partner have to meet the same conditions as the holder, primarily I mean part of the income limit in the last 3 years (70-300 thousand euros)?

Financial capacity criteria are not prescribed for partner organizations. Eligible partner organizations are non-profit non-governmental organizations based in any EU member state.

Are cooperatives eligible applicants?

Non-profit cooperatives may be eligible applicant. Cooperatives that distribute profits are not considered civil society organizations and are not eligible applicants under this Call.

Does the organization have to have full-time employees on December 31, 2022, or does it have to be on the opening day of this Call?

The criterion of one full-time employee for Group 2 Calls must be met on the day the application is submitted.

Could the goal of the advocacy campaign be to change the content of the municipal tender (eg for renting an apartment that excludes vulnerable groups)?

It is possible, but only if the problem is really (only) in the tender text. If there are obstacles elsewhere (perhaps also in practice), you must also solve them, otherwise, the change in the content of the tender will have no effect.

Can foreign workers from third countries be defined as a vulnerable group? How do you define vulnerable groups? For example, could they be whistleblowers? Do targeted rare diseases belong to vulnerable groups?

The categories of vulnerable groups are not defined within this Call. The burden of proof is on the applicant, i.e. in the application it is necessary to clearly describe the target group and on the basis of what this group is considered vulnerable. The most universal definition of a vulnerable group could be that it is a group that is in a worse position than the majority in a certain situation.

Can a project have only one specific goal or must there be several?

There are no rules – it depends on each individual project. It is important that the project represents a meaningful whole and that it is designed in such a way that the desired results can be achieved.


Should the vulnerable group itself be included in the advocacy of systemic changes?

This is welcome but not required. If projects from the area of ​​”vulnerable groups” are applied for, it is necessary to take into account the approach based on human rights (HRBA approach), that is, to include vulnerable groups wherever possible.

What do you mean by strategic litigation? What costs are justified in strategic litigation?

Strategic litigation differs from other legal procedures in that the focus is not only on a specific case, but above all on the social and/or legal change that the case will bring (eg new or different judicial practice). Strategic litigation uses legal remedies to correct legal or policy gaps. Successful strategic litigation brings long-term legal, political, social or economic change.

Court proceedings and the costs of direct participation in the proceedings are not eligible costs under this Call. All costs or activities that lead to the procedure itself are acceptable (eg strengthening the organization’s professional knowledge, cooperation with others, data collection, etc.).

Are attorneys’ fees allowable costs in the context of strategic litigation? Are they excluded only in case of legal proceedings or more widely (for example, for legal advice, help in the preparation of analyses)?

Only costs that are directly related to the implementation of court proceedings (payment of court fees, attorney’s fees, etc.) are unacceptable. Everything else – legal opinions, assistance in the preparation of legislation, analysis, etc. can be an acceptable expense, even if it is related to a specific case of preparing a strategic litigation process.

What does it mean that the partnership does not AUTOMATICALLY earn additional points? Does it bring points or not?

Partnership by itself does not bring additional points. Partnership can be important in the case of, for example, overall capacities for project implementation, but it is not mandatory.

Does the annual report necessarily have to be published?No – this is not an application requirement, but it is possible to get up to 5 points for the transparency criterion.
Is it possible to get individual support in English if we want or if there is a need for the presence of foreign partners?Yes, individual counseling can also be done in English.
Can other CSO collaborators participate in capacity building activities, or must they only be employees?

They can, especially when it comes to small projects because we don’t expect them to have employees, so all permanent associates of the organization can (and is preferable) participate in the training, regardless of the form of cooperation (employees, volunteers, members, part-time associates…). It is important to consider which colleagues are interested in working with the organization in the future.

We do not have a website, do you have any advice on where to publish the requested information (annual report, key persons)?

You can also use the FB page or some other place where you inform your users about your activities.

Capacity building and the program within these (multi-day seminars) must always be attended by one and the same person, i.e. project coordinator or not?No, you can take turns and include partners as well.
Within the framework of the project proposed in this Call, can we finance only part of the activities or can we co-finance the activities from another source?This call does not require co-financing. However, if you would like to use this project as co-financing for another project, then the I4V project should include a rounded set of activities that will lead to clear results that you are capable of achieving and that will be financed by the funds of the I4V program. It is important to keep in mind that this is a project and not program funding of your activities – therefore you must prepare a proposal that represents a rounded whole and that has its clearly defined objectives and results.
How long can the projects under this Call last?

In accordance with the conditions of the Call, projects can last from 12 to 18 months.

Can an organization with an average income in the last 3 years between 70,000 and 300,000 and at least 1 full-time employee apply with a small project?

No, small projects are reserved only for organizations with an average income of up to 70,000 euros during the last three years.

What if the organization has an average annual income of up to 70,000 euros, but also has employees? Can I apply for a small project?


We don’t need Slovenian partners to apply for this call? Is the call the same in both countries?

Partnership with an organization from Slovenia is not mandatory for application. The invitation is the same in both countries.

What is the dynamics of payments of approved financial support?The expected dynamics of payments is 50% of the value of the financial support within 14 days after signing the contract, 40% of the financial support upon approval of the interim report, and 10% of the financial support retained until the approval of the final report. The condition for temporary payments is that the user achieves the expected results, otherwise the payment amount may be reduced.
How is achievement of results checked?

Before signing the contract together with the selected applicants, we will review and harmonize the results stated in the application so that they are clear and measurable. Funding will be linked to these results. In the event that the project results are not achieved, the project results will be evaluated by a special impairment assessment group consisting of two contract administrators and the program manager. If the deviation will not affect the achievement of the project’s goals, that is, if the impact is negligible, the financial resources for the project will not be reduced. If the group assesses that the deviation has a significant impact on the achievement of the project’s goals, the Program Management Board makes a decision to suspend payments, reduce the amount of financial support, or terminate the contract. The management board informs the user about the decision, and the user can provide additional information and request a review of the decision or appeal the decision of the management board within 10 working days.

What is the minimum three-year income that is acceptable for small projects? Is there a possibility that the organization is (budgetarily) too small for financing?

The minimum average three-year income of the organization for the application of a small project has not been determined within this Call.

Is an applicant with an income of more than 300,000 euros acceptable?An organization that has an average annual income in the last three years of more than 300,000 euros is not an acceptable applicant for this Call.
If the organization has revenues that are in Group 2, but does not have an employed person, is it possible to apply for a small project?

No. One of the eligibility criteria for applicants to Group 1 of the Call is that the average annual income must not exceed 70,000 euros.

If one of the partners has an average income of over 70,000 euros, does the project automatically go to medium projects?

What is important is the financial capacity of the applicant, not of individual partner organizations. If the applicant’s average three-year income is over EUR 70,000 and less than EUR 300,000, application is possible only in Group 2 of Calls.

Can organizations that do not have their own space but operate from a private space apply?

The conditions of the Call do not establish such criteria for the acceptance of applicants/partners, so organizations operating from private space can also apply if they meet all the prescribed acceptance criteria.

Is the Office of the Ombudsperson for the Disabled an acceptable partner?

The Office of the Ombudsperson for the Disabled is not an acceptable partner in this Call. Eligible partners are non-profit non-governmental organizations based in any EU member state

Please clarify that 60,000 euros must be obtained through all 3 calls?

It is not necessary to get 60,000 euros through all three calls. An individual organization can receive a maximum of 60,000 euros from the IMPACT4VALUES program! During the calculation, applicants and partners are checked separately, which means that only the amount that the applicant will actually receive, but not the partner’s funds, is recognized. Receipts from individual calls are added up. Therefore, if an individual organization receives EUR 60,000 under this Call, it will not be able to apply for the following calls (public call for rapid response and public call for cross-border cooperation).

If the project owner has an annual income of only 15 thousand euros, can he contact us?

If he meets the other prescribed criteria of the Call, such an applicant can be accepted in Group 1 of the Call.

Can research be the main activity of the project?

In principle, it can be the main activity of the project if it is clearly related to at least one of the mandatory results of the Program and the project clearly contributes to at least one indicator of the selected result.

Acceptable activities do not include non-formal education activities. Does that mean they are off?

Informal activities are not excluded. The list of activities is not exhaustive. It is important that the proposed activities form a meaningful whole and lead to the established goal of the project.

The call document states that projects that will contribute to one or more results and effects of the program will be supported. In the application form, we can mark only one result, so just to check if we can still mark more than one result if the project really achieves that?

You mark only one result, the one that is most relevant for the proposed project.

In the application form, only one result is selected (which best fits the project idea), but can or must the project include all three results? The project must contribute to all indicators?

The proposed projects do not have to cover all three results of the Call. Proposed projects do not have to contribute to all the indicators listed in the Call. Proposed projects must contribute to at least one of the stated results of the Call and at least one indicator of the selected result.

If we have a project in, for example, area 2 and that is where the emphasis of the project is – can we put activities that contribute to results in other areas? Is it OK if we have one result from area 1 and one from area 3?

Yes, you can propose activities that contribute to other results as well.

Should or should not the strategic litigation support indicator include initiated litigation?

This indicator does not refer to the initiation of strategic litigation and does not include initiated strategic litigation. We are interested in the preparatory actions for the initiation of strategic litigation.

Is subcontracting acceptable? For example, marketing agencies for campaign implementation?


Can education providers engaged as external collaborators be from another EU member state?


Is subcontracting for project writing and preparation an acceptable cost?


Do timesheets have to be made for project employees?

No, it is flat-rate financial support. Project costs are not proven by financial documentation but by achieved results.

Are the results stated in the budget different from those in the table of expected results and indicators?

The results listed in the budget are the results of the project listed in the application form in the “Results to be achieved” table.

Aren’t there 3 expected results of the project?

The Impact4Values ​​program and this call have three expected results. Proposed projects must clearly contribute to at least one of these results, but each project must have its own specific results (recommended three to five), which are listed and described in the application form in the “Results to be achieved” table.

Is there a maximum cost per person?

No. Take care that all proposed costs in the financial plan must be economical and necessary for the implementation of the project.

Is the cost of working on the project acceptable through a work contract, author’s contract…?

In proportion to the number of hours or the percentage of work on the project, the costs of the gross amount of remuneration (net amount of remuneration, contributions, tax and surcharge) based on the work contract or author’s contract are acceptable if the following conditions are cumulatively met:

1. fees are directly related to the continuous implementation of project activities,
2. the natural person works according to the instructions of the beneficiary of financial support and, unless otherwise agreed with the beneficiary of financial support, in the premises of the beneficiary of financial support,
3.the result of the work belongs to the beneficiary of financial support,
4.the costs do not differ significantly from the costs of personnel performing similar tasks under the employment contract with the beneficiary of financial support.

When hiring executors of external services through work contracts or copyright contracts, you should take into account the legal provisions that define these jobs as temporary and occasional.

Are the financial documents subject to any field verification? Should financial documentation be kept for a certain number of years?

Eligible costs of the project will be paid to beneficiaries of financial support as a lump sum, which means that they do not prove costs (beneficiaries will not report individual costs and will not submit financial evidence with the report). Provisions on lump sums do not affect general accounting rules. Users must keep detailed records of expenses in accordance with applicable accounting standards and generally accepted accounting principles, which includes obligations to keep financial documentation




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