In 48h we gathered 220.687,31 HRK for Mirela!

Within 40h from the start of the humanitarian action ‘Let’s support Mirela’ 220.687,31 HRK has been gathered.

1472 fellow citizens and 16 legal persons expressed their support for Mirela by donating. We thank you all for the solidarity you showed for our fellow citizen in these difficult moments! Thank you for showing that, when the state turns its back on one of us we can count on each other!

As a reminder, Mirela was forced to go to a hospital in a different state at her own expense to end a pregnancy due to a severe malformation of the embryo. The cost of this medical service in Slovenia amounts to 5000 EUR.  The SOLIDARNA Foundation immediately provided 15 000 HRK (2000 EUR) and called on all fellow citizens to help us gather the remaining 22 500 HRK. This target amount was surpassed multiple times over, by which the citizens clearly showed that they have had ENOUGH political games at the expense of women’s health!

The necessary funds will be immediately transferred to Mirela, while the remainder will be used to help women cover the expenses of all forms of healthcare. Because access to healthcare is not and should not be a question of personal beliefs!

This is the message we will be sending by protests that will be held on 12th May all across Croatia!