Ivan Blažević

Given that Ivan experienced life in exile at the age of two, it is not surprising that this has decisively influenced his life and professional choices. He is always ready to get involved in any activity related to the protection of human rights, especially the rights of those belonging to vulnerable groups. After the completing his secondary education, Ivan enrolled at the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb and since then he has dedicated himself to working in civil society organisations and to the development of philanthropy. He has attended numerous training programs, such as the European Forum Alpbach (Building Alternative and Counter Narratives of the Council of Europe) and the extensive program of the Erste Academy (Impact Investment Masterclass and Social Innovation & Management Program). He developed a special interest in the methodology of design thinking.

Ivan is one of the founders and the first employee of SOLIDARNA. As a versatile person, he greatly contributes to the development of SOLIDARNA. Ivan often acts as a moderator and a “grounder”, one who warns what is realistically feasible in the inexhaustible factory of creative ideas of SOLIDARNA. Full of empathy, yet extremely rational, Ivan solves administrative obstacles with ease, organises campaigns and events, overcomes logistical and operational challenges or works on building relationships with donors. He successfully communicates with the media, and with love and compassion, he provides support to users. This earned him the nickname “the man to call”, one that people turn to for help when they need information about bureaucratic processes, and when they want to connect with certain collaborators or donors, and when they need help for crowdfunding campaigns, imports and transportation of donations. Yes, he is “the man to call”.

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