Karla Pudar

Karla joined us in February 2021 on the position of coordinator of the Relief program of Fund 5.5, and from the beginning of 2023, she has held the position of Philanthropy Programme Manager. Her rich experience gained as a cultural producer proves that she can handle even the most complex tasks and is an invaluable contribution to the work of SOLIDARNA. Karla is organized, resourceful, and proactive, and can find a quick and effective solution for any field problem. Her approach may seem mild at first, but don’t be fooled, she will skilfully handle even the most demanding negotiations!

She is always ready to help her colleagues, even with words of encouragement, and her enthusiasm regularly infects everyone she comes into contact with. With Karla, days pass faster and tasks are completed more easily. We are extremely happy and grateful that she chose to join the growing SOLIDARNA team!

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