Let us all be Gabrijela’s family

INDEX.HR and the SOLIDARNA Foundation are starting the action: ‘INDEX Wish: Let us all be Gabrijela’s family’. We may not be able to give Gabrijela her parents and brother back, but we can make growing up a bit easier for her and help her start living independently once she comes of legal age.

Through our shared love and care we can try to help her continue her life without the parental love and attention that was in an instant so violently and tragically taken from her.

A tragedy that shook the region

Gabrijela is a 3-year old girl who lost her parents in a severe accident that happened on 24th September. She was driving back from a family field trip with her mother, father and brother when their Renault Scenic was directly hit by Pavle Primorac who was racing his BMW with Milo Doko who was in a Mercedes.

Her parents and brother died on site, while little Gabrijela ended up in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Luckily, the doctors managed to save her life and we have, with the permission of her grandparents, decided to start an action to give Gabrijela back at least a part of the carefree and happy childhood that was taken from her.

Over the last few weeks we were working on legally forming the action to make sure that Gabrijela will have the opportunity to step into a good independent life when she comes of age even without her parent’s help. The majority of the gathered means will be placed into an investment fund where it’s worth will continue to rise until Gabrijela comes of age.

How can you help Gabrijela?

You can help Gabrijela with a direct donation to the account of the SOLIDARNA Foundation in one of the following ways:

IBAN: HR6324020061500078383

Call to the number: 11-2022 (if necessary area code 00)

Mandatory payment description: Donacija za Gabrijelu (eng donation for Gabrijela)

SWIFT (for international payments): ESBCHR22

Payment through a QR code


  • During the process of collecting donations Index will not be keeping any money in their accounts and the money will be kept in the account of the SOLIDARNA Foundation. The money will then be transferred to Gabrijela’s account managed by Gabrijela’s guardians, while a part of it will be transferred to an investment fund.
  • Index will take 0.0% of the gathered funds for their participation in the action.
  • The SOLIDARNA Foundation will take 5% of the gathered funds to cover the basic operational expenses of the action. Expenses that will be covered are bank fees, financial tracking of the action, communication with donors, donation contracting, reporting to the public and to public bodies (the City Office for Social Politics and People with Disabilities of the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Social Politics, the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy, the Ministry of Finance, FINA), etc.
  • The action will last for 30 days counted from the day it began or until 3.5 million HRK is gathered. If the sum surpasses this amount, the action will be ended.

The SOLIDARNA Foundation is authorized to permanently collect and provide humanitarian aid based on the Law on Humanitarian Aid.

Cover photo: Chang Duong@Unsplash