Life has a price!

The SOLIDARNA Foundation presented today the humanitarian action “LIFE HAS A PRICE”. The goal of the humanitarian campaign is to provide financial resources to help women and children who have survived domestic or sexual violence.

Due to financial dependence, women who have survived violence are often forced to return to the abuser, and the Women’s Fund of the SOLIDARNA Foundation provides them with direct financial support, thanks to which they manage to start a new life without violence.

12.03.2024., Zagreb, Hrvatska_ Solidarna_press konferencija
Foto: Anto Magzan

Karla Pudar, the philanthropy programme manager of the SOLIDARNA Foundation, presented the humanitarian action: “Due to financial dependence, women who have survived violence are often forced to return to the abuser – data show that every third woman in the Republic of Croatia has experienced some form of violence, that one reported domestic violence comes 10 times unreported and that it takes an average of 6 years and 7 returns to the abuser until a woman truly leaves an abusive relationship. It is from looking at the financial dependence of women on the abuser, the data and testimonies of the beneficiaries of the Women’s Fund that show us why it is extremely difficult for many women to leave a violent environment, that the direction of the action and the name Life has a price came from,” explained Karla.

You can support them by donating here or by paying to the dedicated account of the humanitarian action:

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The goal of the humanitarian action is to secure additional funds for the Women’s Fund, which helps women and children who have survived domestic and/or sexual violence. The campaign will last 90 days, and it was realized in cooperation with agency 404 and associates who donated their time and skills to make the campaign come to life.

The host of HRT, Daniela Trbović, supported the humanitarian action and participated in the promo video of the campaign, for which the production company “More Magnets” and the agency 404 are responsible for the creative concept.

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to support an action that will help many women and children. The work I do gives me the visibility that is important to spread the news about important things, such as this action. I follow and support the work of SOLIDARNA, ever since their first campaign “Drugotna na sav glas”. We share the same values, we fight for gender equality, and I myself know how important financial independence is, because after the divorce I was able to be free, precisely because I was financially independent. I hope that we will all help the numerous beneficiaries of the Women’s Fund on their way to financial independence”, said Daniela Trbović.

As part of the press conference, Sanja Sarnavka, president of the Foundation Board of SOLIDARNA and member of the Fund for Women’s council, told more about the work of the Fund for Women, but also referred to specific cases and problems faced by the beneficiaries of the Fund for Women.

“The Women’s Fund is the only one in Croatia that provides direct financial assistance to women, thanks to which they achieve economic independence and the possibility of an independent life away from abusers. But life is expensive, rent, court costs, food, utilities… The Women’s Fund helped a total of 91 women and 120 children in 2023 alone. Of these, 70 women are victims of gender-based violence, and 21 women who needed support and help in the field of reproductive health. The largest amount of financial aid refers to help in meeting basic life needs (35.82%), housing costs (31.54%), reproductive health protection (18.55%), legal costs (11.00%), psychotherapy costs (1.81%), health costs for adults and children (0.76%) and education costs (0.51%). When we talk about the numbers, during 2023, the Women’s Fund paid out a total of 77,208.97 euros (HRK 581,730.99) to the beneficiaries of the Women’s Fund”, shared Sarnavka.

Karla Pudar in front of the SOLIDARNA Foundation invited everyone to support the humanitarian action of the Women’s Fund, with the message that no woman is free and safe until we are all gone!

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Photographer: Anto Magzan

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