Marina Škrabalo

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Marina Škrabalo is an experienced human rights advocate, a researcher and an expert in organisational development. From an early age she has been a peace activist and sees peace activism as her most important social role. Marina holds a degree in Ethnology and History obtained at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb and a master’s degree in public administration that she obtained at the Maxwell School of Citizenship of Syracuse University as a holder of the Ron Brown Fellowship scholarship granted by the government of the USA. For ten years she managed MAP Savjetovanja, a consulting company which specialises in managing and measuring the effects of social development programs. Additionally, for five years she was engaged in various research projects and advocacy work in the civil society organisation GONG. For the past seven years, until September 2020, Marina was a member of the European Economic and Social Committee acting on behalf of Croatian civil society organisations whose main focus is on human rights protection. She has published several scientific and professional articles and co-edited the volume Mobilisation and Community Development in Croatia. She is one of the 55 founders of the organisation SOLIDARNA and has been its manager since it has been founded in 2015. Her energy, ideas and commitment to the mission of SOLIDARNA are an inspiration to everyone she meets, especially those she interacts with on a daily basis. There is no idling with her, and sometimes she has to be made to stop and take a break. Marina acts as a leading force and always finds a way to remove any obstacles.

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