Minja Marinčić

Minja Marinčić joined the SOLIDARNA team in in January 2023 as an expert associate for finances and administration. Since 2024, she has held the position of Finance and Administration Manager & General Secretary.

Having grown up in Zagreb and graduated from a “Šuvarica” school during the famed 80-s, she started working during the war when she was coordinating the gathering of aid for Croatia. Throughout her working experience she specialized in labour organization and logistics. Minja stands out for her reliability, responsibility and tolerance. Out of the past projects of SOLIDARNA, the ones closest to her heart are promoting equality and the protection of women as well as aiding  earthquake victims, and she is particularly angered by tolerance of child abuse.

She is a mother of an adult daughter and happily married, while in her free time, she passionately follows sports and enjoys baking treats she likes to bring to the office and share with colleagues.


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