Petra Mađerčić

Petra Mađerčić is a sociologist and ethnologist, a human rights activist with a particular interest in working with young people and protecting mental health. She has perfected her skills through numerous trainings in the field of human rights, analyses of hate speech in the media, research and mapping the needs of social groups, as well as volunteering in several civil society organisations. Great communication skills and diligence make her an unrivalled perfectionist. She holds a certificate of the Head of the Development and Implementation of Projects financed from EU funds and works as a coordinator for awarding grants. With her positive energy and friendly nature, she manages to create a balance between numerous creative ideas provided by the team members and necessary organisational tasks, which ultimately contributes to the success of SOLIDARNA. Petra is the anchor that keeps us afloat when we are badly rolled by waves of stress. All collaborators know that no one can make neater and clearer tables than our Petra. She also provides protection and a safe living environment for a beautiful pet rabbit.

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