SOLIDARNA Foundation and Fund for Others launched program “CRY – crisis and creativity”

With the charity cultural event “CRY FOR RECOVERY” held on November 10, 2021 in Urania, the SOLIDARNA Foundation and the Fund for Others presented a new program of financial support for the protection of mental health through artistic practice – CRY.

In the first part of the program evening, after a welcome speech by the manager of the SOLIDARNA Foundation Marina Škrabalo, visitors had the opportunity to see and participate in the dance performance Love Will Tear Us Apart, by Petra Hrašćanec and Saša Božić, produced by art organization De Facto, followed by talk about the relevance of a creative approach to mental health care.

Marina Škrabalo, manager of the SOLIDARNA Foundation

Petra Hrašćanec performing

The last two years have been marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has significantly changed our daily lives and shown us how important and necessary it is to invest in mental health care: “Following the real needs of society, and aware of the benefits of creative expression We have launched the CRY – crisis and creative program, with the aim of supporting projects that deal with the protection of mental health through artistic content and work on both individual and collective recovery of society. With financial support, expert advice, networking and connecting resources, we will enable a small step forward for big changes,” said Karla Pudar from the SOLIDARNA Foundation.

The launch of CRY was supported by Atlantic Grupa and Ginger Sushi with a total of HRK 40,000. As Pudar pointed out at the launch of the program, a little more than 100,000 kuna has been raised so far, which will finance a minimum of 10 projects through a public call that opens in early December as part of the Human Rights Film Festival.

The Fund for Others has been operating since 2017 as a small fund with the idea of ​​promoting philanthropy for artists and activists. Philanthropic action is just one of the points of contact between the Fund for Others and the SOLIDARNA Foundation, so the cooperation in launching CRY happened naturally.

“The launch of CRY gave us the space to enter the space of “art therapy” in addition to professional art and cooperation with artists. Many people do not engage in art because they feel they are not talented, which is not crucial in the approach to art therapy. It is not the technique that matters, but the process and how much you can indulge in it. This is exactly what makes this program interesting and significant. It is important to re-aware of the role of art for the well-being and health of people, because it has been neglected in recent years”, said Zvonimir Dobrovic from the Fund for Others.

Prof. dr. sc. Nataša Jokić Begić, from the Department of Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, pointed out that the last years have not been easy for society and people’s mental health: “The period in which we live is really difficult. I started working in psychiatry in the 90s. First the war veterans came to us, then years later their wives, and finally their children. Today, everyone is coming. There are so many people with various mental disorders, and young people are most affected. It will be good, people will survive everything, but this program will make the healing process much easier for them. ”

Academic sculptor Niko Radas, head of art therapy from the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic, commented on the direct experience of working with patients, and the importance of this type of support and networking.

“I have noticed in my patients that engaging in creativity releases a sense of comfort and leads to a peaceful life. They undergo a complete life transformation. It is the benefit of art therapy – it works at all levels. The financial support program a few years ago enabled us to improve our existing resources and served as a lever for change, so I am extremely pleased to be launching CRY. ”

Based on his experience working with creatives, prof. dr. sc. of Psychology Iva Šverko from the Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences emphasized the value of the CRY program: “Creative expression is very important because people deal with the world through it. Every creative process brings a common psychological good, both to professional artists and lay people, and indirectly to everyone who consumes a work of art. ”

The program CRY – crisis and creativity and the development of projects dealing with the protection of mental health through artistic content can be supported by donating to the account of the SOLIDARNA Foundation, IBAN: HR0524020061100965555 with the indication “KRIK”.

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