The call for submission of proposals for financing Actions in the community and other activities is open

Are you looking for a little support for actions and domains from gender equality for your civil society organization, initiative, or informal collective – or are you an activist and/or artist looking for support?

Through the Civil Society Development Program of the Solidarna Foundation, the Women’s Fund will award 15 grants for actions in the community and other activities in 2024 for a duration of 1 to 6 months in the amount of up to €2,170.00. The first round for submitting proposals for Actions in the community and other activities is open until midnight on January 10, 2024, while after that the call will be permanently open until June 2024 or until the funds are used up, with the fact that all activities within this grants must be completed by July 2024.

Through grants in the amount of up to €2,170.00, the Women’s Fund wants to support several diverse activities in the community in accordance with the program priorities of this call. This type of support is open to individuals, informal collectives, initiatives, and CSOs who can prove previous work on topics related to gender equality. Each applicant, regardless of status, can apply for a maximum of three supports during this funding cycle.

Program priorities for Actions in the community and other activities:

  • Prevention and fight against gender-based violence
  • Advocacy and promotion of reproductive rights
  • Gender equality 
  • Interaction of gender and sexuality, disability, race, ethnic/national affiliation, socioeconomic status


Priority activities:

  • Ad hoc opportunities for evidence-based advocacy
  • Conferences, panels
  • Production and synthesis of knowledge
  • Performances and protests
  • Socially engaged artistic practices related to gender equality
  • Artistic production in the context of gender equality
  • Education (raising the capacity of organizations and/or activists and target groups)
  • Travel (to trainings, conferences, taking advantage of advocacy opportunities, etc.)
  • And other actions in and for the community


Additional information about this call can be found here.

The application form can be found here.

For all questions, feel free to contact Send your application to, and for all questions you can contact 0918937070 (Marinella Matejčić), from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Visual author: Rozalina Burkova for The Greats – @rozalinaburkova

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