The social value card of the Women’s Fund is a perfect gift for Women’s Day!

This Women’s Day, instead of flowers and candies, invest in the future of every woman and give the SOCIAL VALUE card of the SOLIDARNA Foundation.

The social bond of the Women’s Fund is one of the ways you can continue the circle of solidarity! Give someone a SOCIAL VALUE because together we can achieve a better, fairer future for all of us. You decide the amount you will pay in someone’s name, and with that payment you will jointly achieve a share in a better future! By the principle of “send forward,” we all participate in the creation of a solidary and equal future simply, quickly and effectively!

How to get a social security card?

If you want to give a security to someone, all you need to do is pay the amount of your choice to the Women’s Fund’s IBAN: HR4124020061500078391, contact us at and write in whose name we are making the personalized security. When we have all the information, we will send you the security by email.

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Since its establishment at the end of 2015, the SOLIDARNA Foundation recognizes protecting women’s rights and promoting gender equality as one of its priorities. With the establishment of the Women’s Fund at the end of 2022, it rounded off its previous work on realizing every woman’s right to a life without violence, right to accessible health care, and right to political, economic and social equality.

All donations collected in the Women’s Fund are aimed at direct financial assistance to women victims of domestic and sexual violence, at ensuring accessible health care in the field of reproductive care, at financial and mentoring support programs for women entrepreneurs, and at lifelong education and work with young people. In the field of violence and reproductive health, we have supported 17 women and 27 children with financial support. Most of the donations went to rent in case the women leave an abusive relationship or a safe house, as well as to general living expenses.

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Only through joint efforts is it possible to build a community in which equality is our reality, in which even the most vulnerable member recognizes their potential and has the right to a safe life where their basic needs are met.

Make a profit for the whole society. Invest in the Women’s Fund!

By donating up to 2% of your annual income to the Women’s Fund, you can reduce the taxable amount of your income, either as an individual or as a company. Companies can also report their contribution as part of ESG activities.

For more information, visit the website of the Fund for Women–za–zene/.

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