With the support of Fund 5.5, the project “SOLIDARITY HOUSES FOR PEOPLE” presented

With the support of Fund 5.5, the SOLIDARNA Foundation and the People for People Initiative presented a joint SOLIDARITY HOUSES FOR PEOPLE project. The goal of the project is to build and equip 10 solidarity houses for people by the end of May; 5 in the area of ​​the Municipality of Glina and 5 in other affected areas of the Sisak-Moslavina County. Solidarity houses for people are a sustainable and long-term replacement with housing containers and mobile homes intended for occasional or tourist stays. The durability of solidarity houses for people is up to 25 years, with the possibility of upgrading to a permanent housing solution, and will be fully adapted to the terrain and the needs of users.

The average price of a solidarity house for people is 85,000.00 HRK, which is equal to the amount that would be spent on the purchase and distribution of mobile homes. Solidarity houses for people are produced by Stolarija Mandić from Glina, which employs excellent local craftsmen and invests attention, its own materials, skills and additional work in the process. The purpose of the SOLIDARITY HOUSES FOR PEOPLE project is to enable the inhabitants of Sisak Moslavina County to stay and survive in that area with dignity and safety.

In the village of Martinovići, Glina Municipality, the first of 10 houses planned to be built as part of the SOLIDARITY HOUSES FOR PEOPLE project was presented. The initiator of the People for People initiative and Glina Deputy Mayor Branka Bakšić Mitić thanked the SOLIDARNA Foundation and the 5.5 Fund, whose support is crucial in the implementation of this project: donations directed to their account. This enabled us to start the realization of this pilot project, to provide people with more humane accommodation than housing containers. The solidarity house for people is, as you can see – beautiful, humane and warm, and once again I thank everyone who made it possible for us to realize this project. ”

The manager of the SOLIDARNA Foundation, Marina Škrabalo, on behalf of Fund 5.5, congratulated the People for People initiative and the Mandić Carpentry from Glina on building the first in a series of solidarity houses for the Martinović family: “The Martinović family is a factor of survival he cares not only for himself but for others. The Martinović family is a production family, they have their own family farm, and we are very glad that through this project and the great engagement of Stolarija Mandić, which built a solidarity house for people on a non-commercial basis, we ensured that it stays in Banja and continues to supply its fellow citizens. fellow citizens. ”

Željko Mandić from Stolarija Mandić pointed out that the solidarity house for people was built in 12 working days, and the feeling it provides is incomparable with housing containers and even mobile homes, which have so far been used to temporarily accommodate families who lost their homes in the earthquake. : “We hope to make another one in the next few months. Mandić carpentry for non-commercial construction is available until June, when, we hope, a serious and concrete renovation of people’s homes in Banja will begin, in which the state will participate. ”

Ms. Sladjana Martinovic, who is moving into her solidarity house for people with her family today, thanked the SOLIDARNA Foundation, the People for People initiative and the 5.5 Fund, whose teams went to the field after the earthquake and, above all, asked her family how and what form they need: “A solidarity house is a huge thing for us and a great relief. With it, that is, in it, we can continue with our life and work. Our housing issue has been resolved, which we did not even dream of in this period. That house is so cozy and beautiful inside! Thanks again to everyone, and especially to our wonderful and hard-working workers who finished all this in such a short time! ”

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The funds raised so far in Fund 5.5 have ensured the construction and equipping of 6 SOLIDARITY HOUSES FOR PEOPLE, while the construction and equipping of 4 more houses is intended with the donor support of citizens and companies. Support the SOLIDARE HOUSE FOR PEOPLE project by donating to Fund 5.5: https://solidarna.hr/shop/solidarne-kuce-za-ljude/

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