Campaign report of the Croatian Women’s Fund – for equality as our reality!

After 7 years of continuous work on the protection of women’s rights and the promotion of gender equality the SOLIDARNA Foundation established the Women’s Fund with four program areas – assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence, availability of reproductive care, economic empowerment and education, prevention and advocacy.

The Croatian Women’s Fund campaign was launched on November 29, 2022 and the first phase lasted until December 31, 2022 and the results exceeded all our expectations. The goal of the campaign was to present the new Fund and collect funds for its work, as well as to raise general awareness and visibility on the topic of women’s rights, and the amount of positive comments and support left us truly moved. The campaign was implemented through online and offline channels throughout the country – billboards, city lights, outdoor digital advertising, radio, TV, social networks, google ads, and we believe that it strengthened and reached everyone for whom it was intended, as well as raised the general opinion about the importance of continuous work on systematic changes in the context of women’s rights and equality.

Predstavljanje Fonda za žene @Urania – prostor kreacije. Foto: Nina Đurđević

The vision of the Croatian Women’s Fund is building a community where equality is our reality, where even the most vulnerable have their basic life needs met and the opportunity to realize their potential. Thank you for helping build a better society!

1. General information:

Purpose: dedicated funds for the work of the Women’s Fund

Beneficiary: beneficiaries of the Fund for Women through all 4 program pillars of the fund

Date of report submission February 8, 2023.

Total amount of collected donations: 267.020,37 HRK (35.439,69 EUR)

2. Acknowledgments:

The empowering and, we hope, stimulating campaign of the Women’s Fund was born out of pure enthusiasm, and for that we are immensely grateful to our creative team, without whom the campaign would not exist, which consists of: Ira Payer (Superstudio), Tena Razumović Žmara i Vanja Daskalović (Golden), Jakov Vilović (Utorak) with digital support Mirte Rebrine & Eve Tetec ( Many thanks also to the photographer Nina Đurđević, who is responsible for the great photos from the presentation of the Women’s Fund. The campaign resonated throughout Croatia through online and offline media thanks to: Go2Digial, Zagreb Plakat, PIO d.o.o., RTL, Index i T-portal.

Billboards of the Fund for Women were placed all over Croatia. Visual identity @Ira Payer (Superstudio)

A big thank you goes to the brave women and girls who wove their time and charisma into the video campaigns: Tatjani Grozdanić Begović, Akiri Rozi, Teni Razumović Žmara, Olgi Mička, Niki Bokić, Zoli Sarnavka, Tiji, Ivani Harapin Gajić, Ankici Lamešić Ujević, Klari Ujević, Mateji Mićunović i Miri Škrabalo. The video was created thanks to VIDA production. Creative contribution was made by: announcer Dražen Puklavec, make-up artist Saša Knežević, editor Zdravko Rihtar Rile, cinematographer Teo Bekavac and VIDA producer Martina Uzelac, under the artistic direction of the campaign’s creative team. We would also like to thank all the influencers who spread the story of the Women’s Fund on their social networks and thus contributed to the visibility of our work.

We would especially thank all the citizens who donated to the Women’s Fund, as well as all the companies who recognized the importance of giving back to society by donating, as well as the individual philanthropists who encourage solidarity every day , and especially to Marijana Šarolić Robić who unconditionally donates her knowledge and helps in networking the Fund for Women.

From November 29, 2022 to December 31, 2022, a total of HRK 267,020.37 (EUR 35,439.69) was paid to the giro sub-account of the Fund for Women of the SOLIDARNA Foundation. During the duration of the campaign, 151 individual donations were given, of which 141 were payments by individuals in the total amount of HRK 77,315.37 (10,261.51 EUR) and 10 payments by legal entities in the amount of HRK 189,705.00 (25,178.18 EUR). The lowest individual donation was HRK 1.00 (EUR 0.13), and the highest was HRK 100,000.00 (EUR 13,272.28), while the average donation was HRK 1,768.35 (EUR 234.7). Of the collected funds, HRK 52,041.47 (EUR 6,907.09) were spent on the implementation of the campaign, HRK 21,889.96 (EUR 2,825.66) of the collected funds were directed to organizational costs, i.e. 3% of citizens’ donations, which is HRK 2,319.46 (EUR 307.85) and 10% from donations from business entities, which is HRK 18,970.50 (EUR 2,517.82).

Predstavljanje Fonda za žene @Urania – prostor kreacije. Photo: Nina Đurđević

All donors, natural and legal persons, went through the evaluation process according to the Rulebook on Relations with Donors and the Rulebook on Conflict of Interest Management.

The SOLIDARNA Foundation will include the results of this campaign as part of its reporting to
the City Office for Social Protection, Health, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities.

4. Further steps:

Thanks to your support and trust from the beginning of the campaign, 13 financial donations have already been approved on November 29 until the date of submission of the report – for 12 women who came forward to help victims of domestic and sexual violence and 1 woman for accessible reproductive health care. We would also like to highlight the continuous support provided by the members and members of the Council of the Fund for Women – Sanja Sarnavka, Jelena Kovačić, Dean Ajduković, Jasenka Grujić and Antonija Petričušić. Their expertise and dedication for each application is greatly appreciated.

The campaign continues throughout 2023 through public formats, and you can still invest in the Women’s Fund, because a socially beneficial contribution always pays off.

You can find information about the Fund for Women and methods of donating on the website:


The report was compiled by:

Karla Pudar, Head of the Women’s Fund

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