DARE and FLY: Send a strong message with jewelry

We have entered the period of year that marks celebration and giving. From today in the SOLIDARNE webshop, find necklaces and pendants with empowering messages, designed to inspire and remind you of the strength that every woman has.

Choose a pendant with one of the messages: FLY, DARE, or the symbol of a swallow that flies and chooses its own path, and with this gift show your colleague, partner, daughter, or the little girl in you – that this winter she can always do anything she dares. At the same time, by purchasing jewelry, you will be helping the Croatian Women’s Fund, which supports victims, women, and children in getting out of violence. The artist Katarina Ćurković created necklaces and pendants, and the Solidarna Foundation created the messages “Dare” and “Fly”.


The pendants are made of 925 silver. Each piece is handmade – the shapes are cut with a hand saw and shaped with files, the letters are engraved with stamps, and the texture on the silver is obtained using fire – the old goldsmith’s reticulation technique. As it is difficult to control each process in the handmade process fully, each piece is unique – just like each of us.

Explore our collection and let this jewelry reflect your strength and beauty by supporting all those who need support to fly!

All proceeds from the sale of jewelry go directly to the account of the Croatian Women’s Fund, which provides financial support to women on their way to a life without violence.


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