Foundation bodies

SOLIDARNA is a thematic-community Foundation rooted in values and understanding of social problems and a vision of social change, that is shared with multiple human rights organizations and activists across the Republic of Croatia, the region, Central Europe, and the continent. All that is reflected in its organizational structure.

In the initial stage of development, the active contribution of the founders was crucial for SOLIDARNA Foundation and key for building relationships with civil society initiatives, the business community, the media, and citizens.
The initial property of the Foundation of € 5,000.00 was collected by small but valuable donations from all 55 founders, both individuals, and organizations.

The Foundation Board  is the main governing body that meets once a month and oversees the work of a director, adopts internal procedures, sets up foundation councils and specialized working groups, and makes strategic decisions on program development and fundraising.

Members of the Foundation Board

Sanja Sarnavka

President of the Foundation Board, one of the founders of SOLIDARNA Foundation, human rights and women's rights activist, an expert in combating gender-based violence and gender equality. She is a former president of the B.a.B.e Associations and Human Rights House in Zagreb

Mirjana Matešić

Vice president of the Foundation Board, sustainable development expert, Director of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, and one of the founders of SOLIDARNA

Nebojša Taraba

famous producer and director of film and TV production house The Second Plan, an external member of the Foundation Board

Zlata Paštar

professor at the First Gymnasium in Zagreb and the pioneer of civic education. Author of a textbook for high school and in charge of expanding the work of SOLIDARNA towards schools and youth

Boris Jokić

psychologist and educational science expert, known to the public as the leader of comprehensive curricular reform, director of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, an external member of the Foundation Board

Director of SOLIDARNA

Director of SOLIDARNA, who was initially appointed by the founders, and later by the Foundation Board, took responsibility for the operational management of the Foundation, coordination of cooperation with key stakeholders, and development of the organization in its start-up phase. The director of Solidarna is Marina Škrabalo, a peace activist, researcher, and human rights advocate, and former representative of Croatian human rights and democratic organizations at the European Social and Economic Council in the term from 2014-2019.

General Secretary of the Foundation

General Secretary of the Foundation, is appointed by the Foundation Board and is in charge of the operational management of the organization and the production of our public events, developing relationships with donors, fundraising actions and campaigns. He is co-responsible with the director for the work and results of the Foundation. The current secretary is Ivan Blažević, who is also the head of the Fund #saveme, whose narrow interests are the development of individual and corporate philanthropy, gender equality, protection of the marginalized, and the responsibility and openness of political and public institutions.

Foundation councils

Foundation councils are permanent or ad-hoc councils whose members voluntarily contribute to the work of SOLIDARNA, and are appointed by the Foundation Board at the proposal of the director. Foundation councils are established to manage funds such as the Desa & Jerko Baković Fund, the #saveme Fund or the 5.5 Fund, or as advisory bodies to assist the SOLIDARNA team in its work, growth, and development, such as the Foundation Council for fundraising and relations with donors, or the Program team COURAGEOUS.