Ivan Blažević and the SOLIDARNA Foundation are the PRIDE OF CROATIA!

Among this year’s winners of the prestigious “Pride of Croatia” award was Ivan Blažević, manager of the SOLIDARNA Foundation. We are proud that SOLIDARNA’s work in Bania is recognized as heroic – one that makes a positive change in society and brings forth good and valuable deeds.

The “Pride of Croatia” award has been awarded by 24 Hours in partnership with HRT for 19 years. The diligent jury, which this year included Suzana Rešetar from the association Sjena, sociologist Dragan Bagić, HGSS member Jadran Kapović, HRT’s editor and presenter Ognjen Golubić, and 24 SATA editor-in-chief Ivan Buča, carefully looked through all the stories, and they managed to single out 15 among the many great candidates, who became this year’s award winners.

28.03.2024., Zagreb – Pride of Croatia 2024 award ceremony in the small hall of KD Vatroslav Lisinski.

In addition to Ivan Blažević, director of the SOLIDARNA Foundation, awards were also given to: Ivan Brodar and Ivan Gradiški; Goran Milić and Slaven Vukoja; Laura Soče; Dorothea Orlandini; Danica Nikša; Dina Perković and Martina Vadlja; Renata Bermanec and Spomenka Tomašić; Snjezana Stepan; Ivan Štetić; Marko Lončarević; Iva Turina and Oriana Španić; Croatian Caritas; Astrid Klasić; Ruđer Novak. You can read stories about them and their selfless actions that make positive changes in our society here.

The “Pride of Croatia” award ceremony was held on Thursday in the small “Vatroslav Lisinski” hall. On this occasion, our Ivan thanked everyone who contributed to this award, and below we convey his gratitude in full.

“First, on behalf of the entire Solidarna, I want to congratulate all the winners and say that it is an honor to stand with you.

And in Solidarna, for the ninth year now, we are trying to bring about a change in the protection of human rights where we want a tolerant and open society where everyone can live a dignified life.

We do this through direct assistance to people, such as scholarships for children through the Desa & Jerko Baković Fund or assistance to women who have survived violence through the Women’s Fund. Likewise, after the earthquake and after the start of the war in Ukraine, we showed that we are ready to react professionally in crises. In addition, we are trying to bring about systematic solutions that will permanently solve the problems in Croatia.

On the other hand, our mission is to support all individuals, initiatives, and associations so that they can work to protect the rights of our fellow citizens.

This is an award that can match my weight, this is by no means a personal award. This is a reward for everyone who contributed to the results that Solidarna achieved. Starting with a small team of brave and daring women, up to all the donors, volunteers, and collaborators. From little Issa to the great 101-year-old Desa Baković.

I would like to use this opportunity to invite everyone to join our humanitarian campaign “LIFE HAS A COST” of the Women’s Fund to assist women and children who have survived violence. Every donation makes a difference! Everything can be done in a few steps at https://solidarna.hr/croatian-womans-fund/?lang=en “, said Ivan Blažević.



Fotografije: Photos: PIXSELL; Ceremonial awarding of the Pride of Croatia 2024 award in the small hall of KD Vatroslav Lisinski.


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