Ivana Kumrić joined our team: “Working with people is my love!”

Ivana Kumrić is a new employee of the SOLIDARNA Foundation from January 2023 in the position of program assistant.

“After a break in my business engagement brought about by personal life events, I decided to change direction and work on socially beneficial projects. After engaging in volunteering at the SOLIDARNA Foundation during the Regional Development Fair project in Petrinja I started working at the Foundation”, said Ivana about the beginning of her work at SOLIDARNA.

Working with users in the Foundation makes her very happy and they appreciate her for her empathy, persistence and concreteness. Due to her love of working with children and people in general, of the previous projects of the Foundation she is most attached to the project Digiceda – the alphabet of digital literacy and employability”

On top of that, she cares very much about the issues like lack of healthcare and experts in child development like speech therapists and psychologists in schools. She finds the biggest challenges in the civil sector to be sustainable development in the sense of using and extracting natural resources to fight the warming of the planet, as well as fighting against poverty, specifically poverty of children.

Ivana is also a runner who fell in love with running at the age of forty. She plans to wear a shirt with a logo of the Foundation in order to support different humanitarian actions. She excellently balances and brings together our fin-admin and program team with her good organisation and hard-working nature

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