Project “Women in the Lead”: Female experts are working on a policy brief in the field of gender equality

As part of the second gender equality project, called “Women in the Lead 2”, which is implemented by the Academy for Political Development (APR), with the support of the State Department, i.e. the US Embassy in the Republic of Croatia, three working groups of experts and politicians from different backgrounds were formed to discuss new approaches and potential solutions in three thematic areas: 1) socio-economic status and role of women in the economy, 2) security and legal protection, and 3) political representation and leadership.

The following were appointed to the working group that deals with the socio-economic status of women: Ružica Šimić Banović from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Maja Crnjak, Erste Banka, Nataša Novaković from the Croatian Association of Employers, Sunčica Brnadić from the Croatian Association of Independent Trade Unions, Tarja Krehić from the Croatian Women’s Association in the legal profession, Lana Kučer from the association CESI, Mirjana Matešić from the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Sanja Sarnavka from the Solidarna Foundation, Natalija Labavić, lawyer (and member of the APR Board of Directors) and Ana Budimir from the World Bank (APR alumna). The working group prepares a policy brief with recommendations to the legislator and other stakeholders such as employers, trade unions, associations, etc.

On average, women still have lower average salaries than men (90.4% of men’s average salaries, DZS, 2023), although they are on average more educated (36.8% more and highly educated women compared to 22.6% of men). The share of women in the supervisory boards of listed companies is 23% on average, and 16% in the administrative boards. The trend of low wages also results in low pensions, so older women are the group at the highest risk of poverty in Croatia.

As part of the work on the policy brief, we invite you to an open panel where the members of the working group will open key questions about the causes of the current situation and the possibilities for improvement under the title: “What kind of public policy do we need concerning the position of women in the economy?”

April 16, 2024

17.00 – 19.00 h

Urania, Trg E. Kvaternika 3/3, Zagreb

The following will participate in the panel:

– Maja Crnjak, Erste Bank

– Sanja Sarnavka, Solidarna

– Sunčica Brnadić, SSSH

– Ružica Šimić Banović, PFZG 

Moderator: Ivana Novoseelec, APR

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