Public Debate Invitation: Horizontal cooperation and civic solidarity as levers of social policy of the City of Zagreb

SOLIDARNA – The Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity and the Zajednički put Foundation, as members of the Croatian Forum of the ZaDobroBIT Foundation! organize a public conference entitled “Horizontal cooperation and civic solidarity as levers of social policy of the City of Zagreb.”

This event is held as part of the European Week of Philanthropy in the period from 1 to 10 October 2021, co-organized by the European Foundation for Philanthropy and Social Development, the Croatian Foundation ZaDobro.BIT! which has 43 members, and in cooperation with the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. The aim of the public debate is to strengthen the dialogue between all stakeholders in the active, partially formalized network of social protection and solidarity of the City of Zagreb – social service providers, voluntary civic groups, foundations and humanitarian organizations and city institutions and public sector experts. In an interactive moderated discussion, we will examine the possibilities of participatory shaping of the social policy of the City of Zagreb.

The public debate will be held on Tuesday, October 5 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Human Rights House, Selska cesta 112C. The keynote speakers in the public debate are: Mirela Stanić Popović, director of the Krijesnica association, Karolina Rugle, member of the Are You Syrious? Association, Fr. Vlado Vidović, head of the Sv. Duh, Gordan Vrankovečki, Sustainability Manager of IKEA and representatives of the city authorities. The moderators of the discussion are Ines Vrban, the manager of the Zajednički put Foundation and Marina Škrabalo, the manager of the SOLIDARNA Foundation.

With this consultation, we want to involve all stakeholders in actively reflecting on community safety in the light of our experiences and efforts during the crisis caused by the pandemic and earthquake. This is also an opportunity to get better acquainted with the vision of Zagreb as a safe and solidary city from the perspective of the city administration and all our representatives in the City Assembly. We are particularly interested in exploring opportunities to strengthen social support networks and the permeability of cooperation across institutional and sectoral boundaries, with an emphasis on poverty prevention, violence, human rights, citizen empowerment and accessibility of psychosocial support, social and community health services. We want to explore the model of active involvement of citizens in the social policy of the City of Zagreb, strengthening the networks of solidarity and resilience of our community to the crisis. The introductory debate among the interlocutors will be extended to the participants who will be able to suggest their own
questions and comments on the discussion.

All epidemiological measures (preliminary measurement of temperature, distance, masks and a maximum of 50 participants) will be applied at the meeting, and COVID passport is not required for participation. You can apply for participation by e-mail

Note: the space is accessible for people with disabilities.

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