SOLIDARNA Foundation received a million HRK donation from Infobip to help the earthquake-stricken area of Banija

SOLIDARNA – The Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity and the company Infobip d.o.o. signed a grant agreement in the amount of HRK 1.000.000,00 for assistance and support to people in the area of ​​the earthquake-affected Sisak-Moslavina County.

The money was paid into the account of the SOLIDARNA Foundation, and according to the grant agreement, HRK 200.000,00 will be spent on the development of education in Sisak-Moslavina County, HRK 150.000,00 to cover the costs of crisis housing, HRK 550.000,00 is intended for permanent housing, while the remaining 100.000,00 HRK to be spent on the Foundation’s operational costs and support to volunteer groups in the field.

It is impossible to build the future without joint action. In periods of crisis that have emerged on a global level, including in Croatia, Infobip has confirmed that social responsibility is one of the key values ​​of the company.

“As a socially responsible company, we strive to bring communities back through concrete moves. At the SOLIDARNA Foundation, we have found the ideal partner with whom we want to achieve common goals that will contribute to the recovery and progress of the earthquake-affected area,” said Aurora Volarević, vice president of Infobip for corporate issues.

Aurora Volarević, Infobip

Anisa Taraj, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Infobip, emphasized the special importance of investing in education: “We see our youngest generations as future leaders who can bring long-term community progress in Sisak-Moslavina County, and our goal is to enable quality and timely transfer of knowledge that would unlock their full potential.”

Anisa Taraj, Infobip

Manager of the SOLIDARNA Foundation Marina Škrabalo pointed out that due to its transparent activities the Foundation enjoys great trust of the corporate sector: “Infobip’s support for the humanitarian efforts of the SOLIDARNA Foundation in the earthquake-affected area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County is based on openness, flexibility, trust in the competencies of community partners and a strategic approach to social responsibility, as evidenced by flexible support aimed at a wide range of priorities , through ongoing construction to social development through strengthening the educational capacities of local schools in the field of STEM. We are happy that SOLIDARNA and Infobip found each other in the values ​​and vision of the solidarity community, and we look forward to our cooperation and everything we will do together for our fellow citizens in Banja!”

Marina Škrabalo, Solidarna Foundation

Investment in education is crucial for the long-term and sustainable recovery of earthquake-affected communities, for which HRK 200.000,00 was allocated from the million-dollar donation from the company Infobip. In cooperation with local stakeholders from the educational sector, the SOLIDARNA Foundation will develop a program that will correspond to the needs and future development goals of young people in Sisak-Moslavina County. The project will be led by education expert and member of the SOLIDARNA Foundation Board Boris Jokić, who explained: “Education is the basic precondition for a sustainable recovery of the community and a pledge for its development. There is no future without kindergartens and schools. In the coming period, our goal is to provide an environment for learning, teaching and development of children and youth in which their potentials and desires will be realized. In this regard, intensive cooperation with primary and secondary schools in SMŽ is planned, which will be focused not only on the development of digital but also wider personal and social competencies. In the project, special emphasis will be placed on gifted and students with disabilities.”

Boris Jokić

Since the beginning of the donor action “IN SOLIDARITY WITH PETRINJA & SMŽ”, the SOLIDARNA Foundation has collected a total of 16,201,434.25 HRK, and based on the assessment of field needs, in consultation with a wide range of humanitarian actors, a Crisis Support Program has been formed, which you can read here.

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