TOP LIST OF REGIONALISTS in town again: Humanitarian evening of laughter!

The leading names of regional stand-up comedy will perform on Saturday, October 7 in Cinestar (Branimir Center) at the second humanitarian evening of laughter called “Top List of Regionalists”. Join us for a two-hour dose of humor and by purchasing tickets, support the humanitarian goal of this evening – providing scholarships for children with a weaker financial condition of the Desa & Jerko Baković fund of the SOLIDARNA Foundation.

As part of the Desa & Jerko Baković fund, the SOLIDARNA Foundation has so far awarded 29 students with multi-year scholarships tailored to each child and their needs, and starting this fall, we enrolled 30 new scholarship holders in the solidarity class. Scholarships are aimed at children of primary and secondary school age who are exposed to poverty, the risk of social exclusion and discrimination and provide them with financial, material and professional support until the end of secondary education. “Top list of regionalists” is an evening colored with good humor and humane stand-ups, and all proceeds from ticket sales are intended to cover scholarships for children.

The audience will be able to enjoy the performances of top regional names of the stand-up scene, a fantastic five under the baton of Pedje BajovićHrvoje Krmelić, who comes out of his 4 walls directly to Cinestar, will climb the stage with him. The reinforcement on the stage is certainly Tin Vodopivec, a veteran of the Slovenian scene, and one of our most internationally established comedians. From our neighbors from Serbia, we have Ana Zlatanović, for whom the secret of good communication is persistent silence. We hope that he will share a few words on stage, so don’t miss it! From Serbia, Semir Gicić also arrives, whose performances do not contain male-female relations, political themes, curses, jokes, cheap metaphors… and that there is no good humor without Bosnian humor or, more specifically, Herzegovinian humor, Omer Hodžić from Mostar.

“Top list of regionalists is coming, traditionally – for the second time! Our debut was also the last event at the Europa cinema, to which we wish a speedy recovery, so this time we decided to change the location. We are two returnees with four new regional stand-up forces and it is a combination that is very rarely seen in Zagreb – and we promise almost two hours of laughter. The best – extra useful! They say that laughter is good for health, and we are very glad that it will also be good for – knowledge!”, says the host of the evening, Pedja Bajović.

“Top List of Regionalists”, a two-hour humanitarian evening of stand-up comedy, will be held in the Cinestar cinema hall in Zagreb (Ul. kneza Branimira 29), on Saturday, October 7, starting at 7 p.m. Early bird tickets can be purchased online here and at Entrio outlets at a price of 12 EUR until September 7, after which the price of tickets will be 14 EUR. If you want to further support the young scholars, tickets are also available for EUR 20.

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