We have reinforcements in the team: Meet Martina Perić!

The SOLIDARNA Foundation has reinforcements in its team. Martina Perić, master of social policy, joined us in the position of End-Beneficiary support coordinator.

After gaining professional experience in a public institution, Martina worked in a civil society organization that works to promote the rights of people with disabilities, and she particularly liked the dynamism of the sector and the need for the scope of different knowledge in order to increase the quality of life of vulnerable groups. Martina believes that civil society organizations are very important actors in promoting fundamental rights and contributing to the functioning of democratic societies.

“I decided to join the SOLIDARNA Foundation because for years I have been following and appreciating the intrinsic motivation of the SOLIDARNA team to provide support and direct assistance to people who have found themselves in unfavorable situations, sampled by various forms of violence and discriminatory behavior, situations caused by force majeure and all other situations that people can place in a position of excessive vulnerability”, Martina points out her motivation for working in Solidarna.

Martina shares a great interest in protecting the well-being and safety of children who are in social exclusion or are threatened by it due to various risk factors. She cites the extreme importance of advocating for the comprehensive protection of children’s rights as a prerequisite for building an advanced society, so in addition to her regular duties, she continuously performs the activities of the head of measures to protect the personal rights and well-being of children. The Desa & Jerko Baković Fund sees it as a wonderful initiative and quality direct support for the education of children and young people of weaker financial status.

Martina is a diligent, creative, and caring person. In her spare time, he writes poems and short stories, sings and paints, and considers creativity a valuable tool for expressing authentic feelings, thoughts, and values.



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